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Synonyms for brownish

of a color similar to that of wood or earth

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His linen or clothes are examined, and brownish stains discovered upon them.
In some specimens, small but perfect spheres of brownish granular matter supplied the places of the septa; and I observed the curious process by which they were produced.
Sometimes both ends burst at once, sometimes only one, and a quantity of coarse, brownish, granular matter was ejected.
He is a bright, brownish little fellow, agile like a monkey, clean-shaven like an actor, and obliging like a born courtier.
A fine, brownish hair covered the chest and abdomen, and the face, the palms of the hands, the feet, the shoulders and back were practically hairless.
Lash Discovery is available in three shades: very black, brownish black and soft black.
With their brownish hue, the intermediary panels have a stylish anonymity.
Purplish or brownish irregular mottling of the outer skin surface is a condition called "scald," which in its early stages does not damage the flesh.
They turn red after consuming a blood meal and then begin to gradually turn a brownish color.
85 kg) and the brownish substance with a total registered weight of two hundred sixty-three point zero eight kilograms (263.
Palpus darkish yellow, brownish towards tip and apically with strong setae (Fig.
The brownish marks in his bed are unlikely to be pigment from his skin and are more likely flea dirt or poo.
Coloration and structure of body similar to those of male, but pronotal disc with brownish marks on hind half, darkened tegminal spots somewhat larger and partly fused with each other, and wings slightly longer (ratio tegmen/hind femur 0.
Further observation showed that while the whale's saddle area was white, other parts of its body had a subtle yellowish or brownish colour.
Our air is cleaner than the brownish gunk over Los Angeles; our home prices remain among the most affordable in California; there is a fine set of parks that has gotten even better with the additions of the amphitheater and the water park; and there are government officials who will return your phone calls.