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Synonyms for brownish

of a color similar to that of wood or earth

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His linen or clothes are examined, and brownish stains discovered upon them.
In some specimens, small but perfect spheres of brownish granular matter supplied the places of the septa; and I observed the curious process by which they were produced.
Sometimes both ends burst at once, sometimes only one, and a quantity of coarse, brownish, granular matter was ejected.
He is a bright, brownish little fellow, agile like a monkey, clean-shaven like an actor, and obliging like a born courtier.
A fine, brownish hair covered the chest and abdomen, and the face, the palms of the hands, the feet, the shoulders and back were practically hairless.
One was of ivory, little and brownish; and - and - give me time...'
Sargassum, which gets its name from the Portuguese word for grape, is a floating brownish algae that generally blooms in the Sargasso Sea, a three million-square-kilometre body of warm water in the north Atlantic that is a major habitat and nursery for numerous marine species.
The harmful intake of this 'expired sugar' emanating foul smell and having turned brownish in colour would have seriously endangered the health of Afghan nationals had it made its way to the markets there.
Shah and Naib had looked untroubled after Afghanistan won the toss and decided to bat on a flat, brownish pitch but they were derailed by Shaheen's double strike.
It has a smooth brownish surface, while carvings on it reveal its origins.
Trauma to the tooth can also cause staining, as well as internal bleeding causing red or brownish discoloration of a deciduous or permanent tooth, requiring an emergency visit to the dentist.
"It is described as about 2ft tall (and) brownish grey in colour.
A police report on the incident said: "Officers proceeded to KQ (Kenya Airways) baggage handling area in terminal 1A and five packages packed in Kericho Gold tea wrapping papers all containing brownish powder of approximate weight (of) 5.
The views of brownish red bald cypress trees set between green lake water, layered mountains, and blue skies have attracted many visitors and photographers to Lipi Lake in Yuanshan Township, Yilan County at this time of the year.