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a commercial mix for making brownies

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The brownie mixes that were recalled include Sisters Gourmet Billion Dollar Brownie Mix with a UPC code of 6-54448-00017-9 and a lot code of 31OCT2019BC8324.
The following mixes, sold in 25-oz and 32-oz glass jars, were recalled: Brand Castle Arctic Chill Chocolate Mint Cookie Mix, UPC: 6-54448-01035-2, Lot: L6112618; Brand Castle Hot Cocoa Cookie Mix, UPC: 6-54448-01036-9, Lot: L5111918; Sisters Gourmet Million Dollar Cookie Mix, UPC: 6-54448-00002-5, Lot: L2121818; Sisters Gourmet Billion Dollar Brownie Mix, UPC: 6-54448-00017-9, Lot: 31OCT2019BC8324; In the Mix Chocolate Mint Chip Cookie Mix, UPC: 6-54448-01081-9, Lot: LM101518; Brand Castle The Grinch Sugar Cookie Mix with Sprinkles, UPC: 6-54448-01038-3, Lot: 25JUL2019BC8324.
Sargente's brownie mix is marketed as a base for edibles, formulated to work really well with cannabis.
Here's my take on Maya's Decadence Fudge Brownie Mix. Using the mix as base, I added some of my favorite ingredients.
Other products available include Cora's Honey Cornbread, Papa Tom's Perfect Pancake and Alec's Awesomely Fudgy Brownie mix.
Sandhya Prakash, resident of the area and founder of the Middle East Vegetarian Group (MEVeg), said she purchased a well-known American brand's brownie mix from the supermarket on August 4 as she wanted to bake brownies in a solar oven.
Cricket Flours, the Portland food company founded in 2014 by two University of Oregon graduate students, says it's developing the world's first brownie mix with milled crickets.
Marble this mixture into your brownie mix once it is in the tin.
Cherryvale Farms mixes are now 100% plant-based, and include Banana Bread Mix, Blueberry Muffin Mix, Pumpkin Spice Bread Mix, Cornbread Mix and Chocolate Brownie Mix. The reformulated products will reach retail shelves in spring 2015.
The bags include gravy mix, cans of green beans and sweet yams, cranberry sauce, chicken or vegetable broth, stuffing mix and a package of cake or brownie mix. Each family will also receive a $30 gift card to Price Chopper to purchase perishable items.
Flavors that go far beyond the basic could be a means for retailers to get into the premium game here, Holman says, citing Lindt's white coconut brownie mix as an example of such a flavor spin.
Offerings to be introduced over the next few months include: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Mix, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Baking/ Pancake Mix, Organic Fudge Brownie Mix and All-Purpose Flour.
Earlier this year, the National Consumers League filed a formal complaint against NuVal with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), urging it to standardize nutrition rating schemes The complaint was based on inconsistent ratings, such as a score of 25 for baked potato chips compared with a score of 10 for canned pears in light syrup, or a brownie mix that scores 22 while canned peaches in 100 percent juice scored only 20.