brown-tail moth

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small brown and white European moth introduced into eastern United States

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Bleumink, "Investigative studies of the dermatitis caused by the larva of the brown-tail moth, Euproctis chrysorrhoea L.
The creatures, thought to be brown-tail moth caterpillars, have made their home an estate in New Addington in Croydon.
However, I concluded that our man was still musing over the weekend's alarming news that hordes of poisonous brown-tail moth caterpillars, normally contained along the south-east coast, are marching north, spreading panic among environmental health officers.
Andrew Brown, seafront operations manager for Bournemouth council, said: "The exceptionally warm weather recently means that brown-tail moth caterpillars are experiencing a breeding boom across the UK.
Although occasionally found on oak trees, brown-tail moth larvae are much more common on hedgerow trees such as blackthorn and hawthorn or on scrubby plants, especially bramble.