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Synonyms for brown-striped

having brown stripes

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Troopers were on the lookout for the brown-striped Winnebago, which returned to the truck stop to pick up the forgotten child about 3:30 p.m.
Seeds of Morlin are purple-striped, except when high moisture and rainfall conditions occur during seed maturation, when seeds may appear brown-striped.
At the far end, Maegan Miller sports her brown-striped 90% cotton/10% lycra Fila Clockwork Orange Torso Top ($28) and dark gray microfiber (90% cotton/10% lycra) Fila Jazz shorts ($23) with drawstring top.
In addition to their grey colours, they have orange faces, brown-striped sides and a horseshoe-shaped patch on their bellies.
From underneath one side of the web, a brown-striped spider trailed a film of silver.