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flatter with the intention of getting something


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Download numbers continue to climb for the feel-good game of the year for anyone tired of dealing with brown-nosing, know-it-all coworkers, as Office Jerk quickly became the #1 free app in 23 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, and placed among the top 5 free apps in 62 countries.
For once, the New Year''s honours may actually mean something, rather than resembling an elephants' ' graveyard of crinkly pop singers, theatrical luvvies and brown-nosing civil servants.
Then there's all that brown-nosing that goes with the territory.
But at least I did it and am in a position to rate it worthless, rather than being handed something worthless on a plate in the name of PR or brown-nosing.
It's not over-serious to say this Brown-nosing of D-listers completely demeans the office of Prime Minister.
Ms Usher earned the accolade for a remarkable display of brown-nosing during the Public Accounts Committee investigation into the demise of MG Rover.
He said: " It sounds like we're brown-nosing a bit, but the Scottish audiences are always up for it and generally a lot more fun.
A Los Angeles police department with a mandate to clean up its act is at the center of the drama here, as brown-nosing newcomer Ed Exley (Guy Pearce) comes face to face with the entrenched thuggery of the out-of-control department.
com" fills a crying need for people who feel uncomfortable brown-nosing, or simply forget to schmooze enough," said CEO, Bill Abramovitz.
Zane leaving is a Lowe point for me This will sound like brown-nosing but Zane Lowe is my favourite radio broadcaster of all time.
He could begin by ridding himself of jobsworths in his shadow cabinet whose only qualifications for their positions appear to have been employment as a special adviser and a capacity for brown-nosing.
Even though his officials insisted the deputy PM, as he then was, was in charge of the state's affairs in Whitehall while US poodle-in-chief Tony Blair indulged in a spot of brown-nosing in Washington.
She wrote on her Facebook profile page - which is private and set so it can only be seen by family and friends - that she had "never been so angry" and wanted to "smack the brown-nosing cow in the face".
In the end Peggy lost her bottle and did a bit of brown-nosing.
It just proves what we have always thought - cronyism, protectionism, and a heck of a lot of back-scratching and brown-nosing seems to be the order of the day.