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flatter with the intention of getting something


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The good news is that his brown-nosing of Akel is making progress.
From which you'll gather that her relationship with Guy is very different to Harry's brown-nosing or Digby's politeness.
Despite accusing the star of "brown-nosing" her way to the top, Rae concludes her rant by offering Winfrey praise for her success.
Like the last three commanders in chief, neither Podhoretz nor Kristol have ever served--God forbid--yet one day they are Demosthenes, urging the Athenians to resist Alexander, the next day Uriah Heap, brown-nosing the powers that be to stand up and fight for Israel's interests.
Only Boris Johnson broke brown-nosing ranks to pay a backhanded compliment to Vegas fun-lover Prince Harry and poor put-upon Kate.
That seems more of a ploy to remove Mr Jones sooner rather than later than a real attempt at a coup, with many in his party unable to stomach what they see as his lordship's brown-nosing to the privileged establishment.
In the aftermath, the leader of the right-wing Democrats for Strong Bulgaria, (DSB), Ivan Kostov, declared that an eventual reporting of twisted data by the National Statistics Institute (NSI) can only mean either "brown-nosing" the cabinet or utter incompetency, but in both cases its management must be replaced.
Following Broken Lizard's past efforts ("Puddle Cruiser," "Super Troopers," "Club Dread" and "Beerfest"), the pie casts the group regulars in generic variations of their usual repertoire: Steve Lemme as a returning waiter whose career as star of "CSI: Hotlanta" was cut short when he surgically altered the enormous sehnozz that got him the part; Jay Chandrasekhar as a soft-spoken server who throws caution, clothing and any semblance of civilized behavior to the wind once he goes off his meds; Erik Stolhanske as an amoral, skirt-chasing sleazeball; Kevin Heffernan as the restaurant's brown-nosing manager; and Paul Soter in the dual role of the caustic chef and his newly hired, clueless identical twin.
Bobos, who generally owe their wealth and position not to meeting any genuine, objective standard of merit or criterion of desert but to the unpredictable wiles of the marketplace and to the exploitation of educational credentials and connections (that is, to sheer good luck and brown-nosing), differ from yuppies only in their reluctance to admit that they are the latest version of the relatively well-heeled, social-climbing arriviste.
To nurture it, we'd need better pay all around (and especially in the underpaid service industry), a more leisurely pace of work, and corporate hierarchies that reward performance over brown-nosing.
No-one can imagine Bentinck or Rous sucking up to anyone much, but anyone who seeks high office these days has to be able to demonstrate a talent for what might be termed coarsely 'constructive brown-nosing'.
Listening to them laugh about the brown-nosing graspers, she is overcome with nostalgia for those "lively collegians of earlier days.' Who, for example?
What we know is that is that if they are prepared to abandon past loyalties even when we have no brown-nosing positions for them, then sycophants and mercenaries will be among us.
Even as two Koreas reached deals over the Olympics, the North's state media accused the dovish Moon of "brown-nosing" the US and threatened to withdraw its offer to join the Olympics if Seoul did not show enough respect.
The letter of Vitriolo was so brown-nosing, no self-respecting career civil servant would have written it.