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flatter with the intention of getting something


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Followers first want to know what the minimum requirements are, then they are satisfied with meeting them, and often pull the jackets of the "brown-nosers." They are like students who only pay attention when they hear about questions that will be on an exam.
Most frustrating of all is the Brown-Noser (28.6%), who spends most of the time sitting next to the boss.
Workers who survive the layoff are thought to be brown-nosers, to have played the corporate game, or to be more political than those laid off.
Petersen is the highest-ranking person I have ever observed to travel anywhere, even down the hall, without a cavalcade of briefcase-holders and brown-nosers swirling around him.
We are still suffering the political consequences of this megalomaniac's folly, even though many of our countrymen have never stopped believing the myth of his greatness that he cultivated during his autocratic rule with the assistance of self-serving brown-nosers and gullible simpletons.
The slackers take on the brown-nosers in "Employee of the Month," a spoof of consumerism and competition that's slightly smarter than might be expected for a pic aimed at the Jessica Simpson demographic.
The London Tube irritated people but only enough to secure a place at 54 behind Abi Titmuss, men in flip-flops, Big Brother 5 and novelty ring-tones.: The top ten most annoying things area:1) Cold-callers 2) Caravans 3) Queue-jumpers 4) James Blunt 5) Traffic wardens 6) Tailgaters 7) Brown-nosers 8) Chantelle and Preston 9) Ex-smokers 10) Noisy neighbours Others includea 12) Carol Vorderman 13) Loud mobile-phone users 14) Men in flip-flops 23) Rude shop assistants 24) People who read over your shoulder 25) People who complain they are fat when they are skinny 26) Stepping in dog poo 28) Big Brother 5 34) Novelty ring-tones 40) Running out of loo roll 47) Americans 48) David Blaine 95) Craig David
Sorry, the one who sends soldiers to die fighting the Taliban while he fights off brown-nosers trying to get further up the Cabinet's greasy poll.
I bet it did, but at least someone around the Crown Jewels had the brass orbs to suggest it among the brown-nosers and mincing popinjays (Definitions: the figure of a parrot fixed on a pole as a mark to shoot at...
I'm sure his Prince's Trust does fine work, but I'm unsure how hard it is to get celebrity brown-nosers to appear before cameras or how much of his wealth he's pumped in.
Don't tell me we haven't got a far higher proportion of brown-nosers, bandwagon-jumpers, welshers (it's all right: I am Welsh) and general bottom-feeders in our great sport - as well as, paradoxically, a far higher proportion of very decent, honest people - than society as a whole.
To no one's surprise, the budding entrepreneurs and accomplished brown-nosers who survived the sifting process are an extremely attractive bunch, ages 24 to 34.
Repeat offenders are written out of the script, publicly ridiculed by the party spin doctors and forced into rearguard actions against ambitious brown-nosers in their own constituencies.
Naturally there were Charles brown-nosers who pretended he was making a serious point about education, its culture of no-failure exams and devalued A level passes - a bit rich considering he wangled his way into Cambridge with A level grades more suited to a second-rate polytechnic.
Now he's staring his Maker in the face - and the brown-nosers and bootlickers have come out of the woodwork to say what a wonderful chap he is and how he'll always be remembered as a great man and an inspired politician.