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flatter with the intention of getting something


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I bet it did, but at least someone around the Crown Jewels had the brass orbs to suggest it among the brown-nosers and mincing popinjays (Definitions: the figure of a parrot fixed on a pole as a mark to shoot at.
I'm sure his Prince's Trust does fine work, but I'm unsure how hard it is to get celebrity brown-nosers to appear before cameras or how much of his wealth he's pumped in.
Don't tell me we haven't got a far higher proportion of brown-nosers, bandwagon-jumpers, welshers (it's all right: I am Welsh) and general bottom-feeders in our great sport - as well as, paradoxically, a far higher proportion of very decent, honest people - than society as a whole.
Repeat offenders are written out of the script, publicly ridiculed by the party spin doctors and forced into rearguard actions against ambitious brown-nosers in their own constituencies.
Naturally there were Charles brown-nosers who pretended he was making a serious point about education, its culture of no-failure exams and devalued A level passes - a bit rich considering he wangled his way into Cambridge with A level grades more suited to a second-rate polytechnic.
Now he's staring his Maker in the face - and the brown-nosers and bootlickers have come out of the woodwork to say what a wonderful chap he is and how he'll always be remembered as a great man and an inspired politician.
That party-liners, platitude-peddlers, brown-nosers and bandwagon-jumpers, of which there are still far too many in racing (although there are some fine exceptions), stop profiting from their unprincipled opportunism.
This is shorter and, as a result, sweeter, with Beaumont's acute eye neatly observing the hi-jinx and low morals of the now familiar shirkers, brown-nosers, creeps and tarts (male and female) of the Miller Shanks crew as they gear up for the office Christmas party.
Here I feel it's important to point out that despite what Chris Evans' army of brown-nosers would have you believe, this show isn't a great success.
If you look at Prime Minister's Question Time you see brown-nosers far worse than those who surrounded John Major.
When, not surprisingly, night after night she sat bored and sullen at dinner with these ageing bores and royal brown-nosers, the reaction of the Queen was simply that she "really must buck up".