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Synonyms for brown-nose

flatter with the intention of getting something


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With the deadline for applications fast running out, Iron Angle's Brown-Noser of the Year award seems certain to go to Birmingham lap dance supremo Allan Sartori.
Gourley casts himself as Rick Robinson, a brown-noser with a heart of gold who sees this assignment as a chance to get in good with his firm's top shark, Maxwell McAllister (Rutger Hauer), even if it means paying for the moving van out of his own pocket.
Quarter cheeky-chappie, three-quarters brown-noser.
more ocean-going royal toadying from BBC brown-noser Andrew Marr.
He broke a stunned silence, turning to the brown-noser, raising his glass and saying: "And you are an effing creep.
Carrying the clubs for this Latin Lover of himself, is the ultimate brown-noser, golfshoe-licking toady, El Ramon.
Brown-noser Luke has been busy making sure he's everyone's best friend.
Brown-noser Grogan hedged his bets at Prime Minister's Question Time by praising both the PM and the Chancellor.
He's the brown-noser who delivered Quality Street chocolates to a tyrant in possession of a genocide programme Hitler himself would have envied.
After all, as one brown-noser pointed out, "Wills was a country lad.
Why a paper with a working-class readership employs an upper- class brown-noser like you is beyond me.
Meanwhile, three bonus points to Alan Hansen for exposing Jimmy Hill as the brown-noser we all suspected he was.
Aquarian bosses prefer employees who aren't moody, and finally Scorpio bosses can spot a brown-noser a mile away.
But, as ITV's Simon Cowell brown-nosers dutifully paraded a few genuinely funny excerpts from around the world in their promotional clips' show Planet's Got Talent, they scored a spectacular own goal.