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Synonyms for brown-nose

flatter with the intention of getting something


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Regardless of the size of your boss's ego, he or she will have a genuine need for a person on their team who thinks about wins on a grander scale than the selfish view of a brown-noser!
* Turn-offs: The staff meeting where the boss is doling out compliments--for everyone but the brown-noser.
He could flatter with the best of them occasionally but he was never a careerist, a brown-noser, a systematic butterer-up of those who could get him preferment.
A 1988 senior survey published in the school's yearbook, which can be viewed ( here , showed Ryan was voted "biggest brown-noser" among his peers.
The brown-noser of the week award goes, it would be too cruel.
So brown-noser Blair's finally sold out to Bush, with British citizens meekly sent to the US to face what laughingly passes for American justice.
While I don't advocate that you become a "brown-noser," you should try to make him or her part of the team or work group.
Speaking well for others establishes you as a team player, not a "brown-noser
"I'm a consummate brown-noser, trustworthy hireling of criminals and mass murderers, concealer of foul deeds.
With the deadline for applications fast running out, Iron Angle's Brown-Noser of the Year award seems certain to go to Birmingham lap dance supremo Allan Sartori.
Gourley casts himself as Rick Robinson, a brown-noser with a heart of gold who sees this assignment as a chance to get in good with his firm's top shark, Maxwell McAllister (Rutger Hauer), even if it means paying for the moving van out of his own pocket.
Most frustrating of all is the Brown-Noser (28.6%), who spends most of the time sitting next to the boss.
Quarter cheeky-chappie, three-quarters brown-noser.