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flatter with the intention of getting something


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A serologic investigation of free-ranging crab-eating foxes and brown-nosed coatis was conducted in the Nhecolandia sub-region of Brazilian Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil, to evaluate the epidemiologic pattern of anti-smooth Brucella antibodies in these wild populations.
From 2005 to 2009, 41 sera from 38 crab-eating foxes (21 males and 17 females) and 35 from 34 brown-nosed coatis (24 males and 10 females) were sampled under licenses of Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e Recursos Naturais Renovaveis (IBAMA) (Brazilian Institute for Environment and Natural Resources).
Those results showed serologic evidence of exposure to or infection of crab-eating foxes and brown-nosed coatis by Brucella spp.
In the case of brown-nosed coatis, only adult animals were studied.
The results of this study suggest exposure to or infection of crab-eating fox and brown-nosed caati from the Brazilian Pantanal by Brucella spp.
The Pantanal region has a high diversity and density of medium to large-sized mammals including such Carnivora as brown-nosed coati and crab-eating fox (Alho et al.
Scores of factors 1 and 2 as well as the teeth condition index were kept in all generated models for brown-nosed coati.
We believe that the models we generated can be used to estimate the age of brown-nosed coatis and crab-eating foxes captured in other areas as long as the models are validated with a subset of animals from the studied area.
In this appendix we describe how to transform data on brown-nosed coati and crab-eating fox body size and canine height ratio in principal component factor scores, and how to subsequently use these scores in the discriminant classification functions for estimating age of a given animal.
The beef between the Aussie authorities and the website, which is owned by Wisden, dates back three years to a domestic one-day game at the Gabba when Cricinfo described the batsman (left) as "a brown-nosed Gnome".
Or maybe he's just brown-nosed Bono's arse one to many times that he can't' see the wood from the trees.
They will - as they did when they brown-nosed and suckedup to those at the helm of the now stricken ship - still sing the praises about the exploits and achievements of the philanthropic owner, missing the point that the club is in the mess it's in entirely because of that same person.