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Synonyms for brown-haired

having hair of a dark color

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Introducing the change into normally brown-haired laboratory mice yields an animal with a decidedly lighter coat - not quite Norma Jeane to Marilyn Monroe, but significant nonetheless.
Usually playing amiable and down-to-earth, Powell in these films is a brown-haired, broadly smiling gal-pal who seems vaguely surprised--and thoroughly delighted--by what her unruly legs are up to.
If you saw a white, brown-haired man, around 5ft 8ins tall, dressed in dark trousers and a beige fleece around Alexandra Road in Canton, Cardiff, on Friday at around 2.
A tall brown-haired lady says it's time to begin our day, put
While she fits into the tidiest category, brown-haired men barely out of their teens were found to be the messiest.
She is an elegant brown-haired woman with beautiful floral henna decorations that stretch down her forearm and touch her fingers.
Max was being pretty flirty, just as Jay was getting it on with one of Tulisa's brown-haired chums.
Or maybe being the only ginga in my family has stemmed my hatred - I do look out of place in family snaps with my two blond brothers, blonde mum and brown-haired dad.
The look: Ombre has evolved from simple dip-dye to a softer, graduated effect How to: Ideal for brown-haired girls who want a sunkissed effect without regrowth issues (roots stay their natural colour).
Whatever the sex of the royal baby, it's most likely to have brown hair, according to Paddy Power, where the odds of a brown-haired baby are listed at 2-to-1.
He appealed for help in identifying the 5ft 5in, brown-eyed, brown-haired woman, thought to be of Latin or Hispanic origin.
but it's our duty to reveal brown-haired boys will no longer be able to try their luck with Courtney Love.
There are good points about Hollyoaks - the odd glimpse of humour, Lee Hunter, and the recent addition of brown-haired "actresses".
It's hard to believe the 5ft 5in (112 Ibs) blue-eyed, brown-haired actress was a chubby teenager and she was told she'd have to lose weight if she wanted to make it into Hollywood.
Paul had a fling with her around the time Kai was conceived - and he bears a resemblance to the brown-haired toddler.