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Synonyms for brown-gray

of grey tinged with brown

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The lesions were brown-gray in color and had the central atrophic appearance of the plaques.
As in the original house, the walls are white, but the interior is warmed by the brown-gray concrete floors and the cedar planks used on the ceiling.
We ended up going home the next day instead, and the trip across the Tappan Zee bridge was like a funeral procession, as every car slowly idled across, heads turned toward Manhattan and the huge column of brown-gray smoke that rose from the city and smeared across the sky.
Here on a spit of land jutting out into the Mediterranean, just across the street from a small park, sit six brown-gray boxes that house the missiles.
Most arctic foxes wear a white coat in winter and a brown-gray one in summer.
Optical data: In reflected light (in oil): brownish gray, strong anisotropism brick red with orange tint to bluish-gray purplish, bireflectance not mentioned, weakly pleochroic with brown to clear brown-gray tints.
Brown-gray poles turn to white as shavings pile on the forest floor.