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Synonyms for brown-black

of black tinged with brown

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In one sense, the sole purpose of these works is to "house" grease: thick, brown-black, automotive axle grease that has a tendency to migrate and contaminate everything in its wake.
He was 6ft tall and stocky, with short, brown-black hair.
The main bulk is clad in compressed cork blocks apparently assembled like masonry, and waterproofed with a compound that colours them a strong brown-black.
Many hiking books use black and white, so it's a treat to see the brownish-grey outcroppings of rock south of Coyote Ridge, green meadow clearings near Carson Pass and waterfalls in the brown-black rock of the East Bay foothills.
A well-camouflaged, 1/2-inch, brown-black and cream-colored PURITAN TIGER BEETLE (Cicindela puritana) races across the sand to catch an unsuspecting ant.
His brown-black hair is too long, I notice, well past the collar of his faded flannel shirt.