brown trout

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speckled trout of European rivers

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Divine returned a 7lb rainbow and an 8lb brown trout.
Novick is partial to Pennsylvania brown trout waters because of the multitude of springs that feed them.
Little twitches drive the brown trout and smallmouth wild.
The 920 acre reservoir enjoys an international reputation for quality fly fishing for rainbow, a mix of stocked and wild brown trout and hard fighting tiger trout.
Although out of season, a brown trout more than 10lb was also caught and returned.
The board claims the move was necessary to preserve rare stocks of brown trout on Co Cavan's famous lake, as pike eat the trout.
In his quest for oversize game fish, he has cast his line in such diverse locations as Cuba, Canada, South America and Russia but a recent brown trout catch in Ireland gave him as much pleasure as anything before.
What does it take to fool a wily 7lb 8oz brown trout that has kept its head down in a Scottish Loch since it was a fingerling?
The river was a high quality brown trout fishing stream during the 1970s and 1980s.
Thanks to a massive, decade-long cleanup effort, the surges have finally ended, the toxic flow of mine drainage has been largely stemmed, and brown trout will soon return to the river.
Brown trout weighing more than 30 pounds, rainbow trout weighing as much as 17 pounds, and brook trout weighing 5 to 6 pounds have been caught here.
LOS ANGELES -- Adding to Diamond Valley Lake's reputation as a premier fishery, the first batch of up to 15,000 brown trout were introduced today at Metropolitan Water District's lake near Hemet in southwest Riverside County.
Brown trout anglers have put their rods away as the season closed yesterday.
He caught six fish from the disabled jetty, including a lovely overwintered 4lb 8oz brown trout caught on ledgered worm.
Surveys so far suggest the charr slightly outnumber salmon, but brown trout remains the lake's dominant fish.