brown study

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Synonyms for brown study

the condition of being so lost in solitary thought as to be unaware of one's surroundings

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a state of deep absorption or thoughtfulness

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But now he went about in an almost unbroken brown study, made unexpected and lengthy trips across the bay to Oakland, or sat at his desk silent and motionless for hours.
He walked to church in a brown study and at the door he took off his hat.
The milk-can told me the servants were all out; for, of course, Arthur, browsing about in his brown dressing-gown in a brown study, would not hear or answer a bell.
Tom was carried off by the chambermaid in a brown study, from which he was roused in a clean little attic, by that buxom person calling him a little darling and kissing him as she left the room; which indignity he was too much surprised to resent.
I fell into a brown study as I walked on, and a voice at my side made me start.
There was nothing very inviting in the object, but Mr Nickleby was wrapt in a brown study, and sat contemplating it with far greater attention than, in a more conscious mood, he would have deigned to bestow upon the rarest exotic.
Shaw, who seemed to find it difficult to help falling into a brown study, in spite of the lively chatter going on about him.
"Leave you something?" said Katharine, apparently waking from a brown study. "I was thinking we must be going--"
With a much-perplexed face, Riderhood looked from it to the sleeper, and from the sleeper to it, and finally crept back to his chair, and there, with his hand to his chin, sat long in a brown study, looking at both.
To the daydreamer and the window-gazer, to the one who startles when called on by the teacher or nudged by a classmate, whose report card invariably praises your good mind but laments your lack of focus: We are grateful for your brown study. Here's to the wondering reveries of the dreamers and the dawdlers, for the real aha!
A Kantar Millward Brown study found that rewarded ads were viewed favorably by 68% of those surveyed, outperforming social click-to-play (52%), skippable pre-roll (51%) and skippable mobile pop-up (46%).
According to the Brown study, these conflicts are "inhibited by governments determined to paint a rosy picture of perfect execution and progress."