brown snail

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serious garden pest having a brown shell with paler zigzag markings

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Mean Cuban brown snail distribution data were transformed (log [x + 1]) to meet the assumptions of normality and analyzed with a 2-way repeated measure ANOVA (treatment, days) with GraphPad Prism (GraphPad Software, San Diego, California, USA).
Cuban brown snail, Zachrysia provisoria (Gastropoda): damage potential and control.
For preference tests, 2 species of snails [Cuban brown snail, Zachrysia provisoria (Pfeiffer, 1858) (Pleurodontidae); Asian tramp snail, Bradybaena similaris (Ferussac, 1821) (Bradybaenidae)] and 4 species of slugs [meadow slug, Deroceras laeve (O.F.
The larger brown snails live for up to 16 years and are very territorial.
Every California gardener knows the story: how a French emigrant to the West Coast introduced European brown snails from his native land, thinking to raise them for the table; how the domestic snails escaped, went feral, and invaded gardens up and down the state and as far away as Washington and Texas.