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bouillon or beef stock thickened with butter and flour roux and variously seasoned with herbs or Worcestershire etc

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The brown sauce was imported from Holland, where HP sauce is made, while the baked beans were grown in the USA and canned in Italy.
INGREDIENTS MAKES 4 PORTIONS 5 free range eggs 120g sausage meat 1 tsp wholegrain mustard 15g fresh sage 500g pinhead oats 1 x 330ml bottle of Innis & Gunn Original 100ml HP Brown Sauce 30g plain flour Salt and pepper
But the drop in brown sauce consumption seems nothing to do with any Brummie boycott of the stuff.
Capello had reportedly banned ketchup during his regime, which had been a sore point among the players, but Hodgson has finally allowed his squad to have both red and brown sauce on the tables for every meal ahead of the World Cup in Brazil.
Heinz and Peter's are also introducing a range of saucetopped pork sausage rolls topped with Heinz Tomato Ketchup, HP Brown Sauce, and Heinz Ploughman's Pickle.
He can't find the brown sauce, which is why she does not have any sauce on her sarnie.
DURING the exhaustive coverage of the John Terry affair this week, very little has been made, I think, of the role played by brown sauce.
It features a plastic bowl that holds the meal's spicy brown sauce, and a top-vented steamer basket that contains tempura-battered chicken breast meat, rice and vegetables.
Despite protests, US food giant Heinz closed the Birmingham plant which made the famous brown sauce for a century in March, axing 125 jobs.
95), with its moist slices of chicken breast caped in a rich, brown sauce studded with finely diced vegetables.
BROWN sauce could soon be at the centre of a legal wrangle between its two biggest rival producers.
Brown sauce could soon be at the centre of a legal wrangle between rival producers following the decision to close the iconic HP factory in Birmingham.
49, while the Classic Brown sauce retails for a suggested $2.
This development formed the core of an agreement for Zeller UK to supply a range of products for HP Foods Ltd which includes its 31mm dispensing closure for HP Brown Sauce in plastic multilayer bottles.
The tanks, unearthed on a commercial street between the remains of Roman shops and bars, date back to the 2nd century AD and may have been used to make `Garum', the Roman equivalent of brown sauce made by leaving fish to rot in salted water.