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a computer program that prowls the internet looking for publicly accessible resources that can be added to a database

a skillet made of cast iron

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The diagnosis and treatment of brown recluse spider bites.
Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of bite of aggressive house spider (compared to brown recluse spider bite).
According to entomologists, the brown recluse spider isn't aggressive.
The appropriate form of local wound care of brown recluse spider bites has evolved in recent years, and it now includes the application of cool compresses rather than heat.
Frances Medical Center read the initial reports of anthrax following the terrorist attacks in 2001, his interest was piqued by the fact that several of the early cases of cutaneous disease were misdiagnosed as loxoscelism-- bites of Loxosceles reclusa, the brown recluse spider.
Brown recluse spiders are often found in warmer parts of the United States, but are common in the Midwest, and live in almost every state.
Red cell lysis induced by the venom of brown recluse spider. The role of sphingomyelinase D.
These were the ones that covered the Black Widow Spider, the Funnel Web Spider, the Bolas Spider, the Brown Recluse Spider, the Water Spider, the Nursery Web Spider, the Wolf Spider, the Purse Web Spider, the Orb Weaver Spider, the Crab Spider, and the Tarantula.
History should exclude the possibilities of Lyme disease, rickettsia pox, and brown recluse spider bites.
Twenty persons (17%) had musculoskeletal injuries related to falls or altercations; 17 (15%) sought care for soft tissue injuries, 12 of which were bites (e.g., four brown recluse spider bites, two dog bites, and one rattlesnake bite).
The UPI version said, "A year-old baby died Monday of a bite she suffered Friday from a brown recluse spider."
One patient we knew was sliding his arm into his coat, where a brown recluse spider was waiting for him.
"She was bitten by a brown recluse spider in October and missed a month of work and had to have two surgeries.
In November 2014, a five-year-old Alabama boy died, hours after being bitten by a brown recluse spider that came inside the home due to cold weather. The family brought the spider to Marshall Medical center where it was inspected and identified.