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Detection and genetic characterization of Seoul virus from commensal brown rats in France.
PESHAWAR -- A study conducted by Zoology Department of Peshawar University over increasing incidents of rat bites in Peshawar, has found that the rodent, brown rat (Rattus norvegicus), is an invasive species, which presumably arrived in the country via the port city of Karachi.
[...] The Brown Rat seems to have vanished from London.
Brown rats are known transmitters of a number of diseases, including Weil's disease, which can lead to jaundice.
Attacks on other rodents by Brown Rats are not surprising; however, I cannot find a record of Townsend's Chipmunk as a prey item in the literature, though Landry (1970) alludes to "numerous accounts of carnivorousness" in the species.
Voles can be mistaken for brown rats. But you can identify a vole by its chubby face with blunt nose, small ears almost hidden in fur, rich, chestnut-brown colour, tail covered with fine hairs or the "plop" sound as they enter the water.
The species disappeared from Pembrokeshire's Ramsey Island in the late 1800s after brown rats from shipwrecks ate their eggs and killed chicks.
In a country with not so distant memories of famine and starvation, in a country where even in our semi- rural garden there are snakes and scorpions and fat brown rats, I welcome the stray cats but I respect their independence and keep my distance.
US researchers at the University of Chicago compared the fate of female brown rats which were either kept alone or in small groups of five animals.
Barrie Sheard, from the NPTA said: "Brown rats continue to be our most important national rodent pest.
There are thought to be around 81million brown rats in the UK.