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intermediate between peat and bituminous coal

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The action was part of a series of protests as Garzweiler, which covers 48sq km (18sq miles), supplies lignite, or brown coal, to power stations in the region.
Behind the increase of the tariff Galek sees a hike in the annual subsidy for electricity production from low-quality brown coal in the Novakyacute coal-fired power plant from euro98 million to euro115 million.
Why not have a swipe at the Germans, who have embarked on a massive programme of power station building using brown coal (lignite) - the dirtiest available.
As Earth Island Journal reported last year, the Hazelwood plant gained notoriety over the past decade due to concerns about the sheer level of emissions released from the burning of brown coal there.
Lignite, also called brown coal, is the dirtiest of all fossil fuels with relation to carbon dioxide emissions.
Australia has high-quality black and brown coal deposits measuring 76.4 billion tonnes (Bnt) at the end of 2014.
Brown coal production originates from surface mine basins across the country.
However, our scientists were able to adapt the technology to domestic brown coal, speed up the process, and reduce the price," he said.
Lignite, often referred to as brown coal, is likely to play a bigger role in power generation alongisde expected rapid growth in electricity demand.
In line with the higher production in thermal power plants, fuel consumption in July 2013 also increased by 40%.In July 2013, 619 GWh of electricity was imported and 854 GWh was exported.In July 2013, Slovenia's supply of energy commodities in general went up as 52% with Lignite and Brown Coal, 14% with Transport Diesel Oil, 12% with Coke Oven Coke, 10% with Other Petroleum Products, 6% with Kerosene Jet Fuel and 6% with Heavy Fuel Oil.
What type of creature is a coppersmith, and ANSWERS: 1 Carbon; 2 Blue Peter; 3 Jacques Chirac; 4 Arizona; 5 Brown coal; 6 The tail; 7 Panama; 8 A bird, so named because of its metallic-sounding call; 9 London 2012 Olympics; 10 Peter and The Wolf.
(SeeNews) - Jan 9, 2013 - Porr Umwelttechnik, part of builder Porr (WBAG:POS), has taken over the brown coal power station Voitsberg from insolvent A-Tec, formerly owned by Austrian industrialist Mirko Kovats, and will now dismantle the facility within 18 months, Porr said yesterday.
The project also seems to imply an obligation to use local brown coal.