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The scientists estimated that polar bears and the Alexander Archipelago brown bear population split somewhere around 150,000 years ago.
A major Irish brown bear ancestor "was a complete shock," says study coauthor and geneticist Ceiridwen Edwards, now at the University of Oxford in England.
Romania is home to about half of Europe's brown bear population.
Yoghi, a 19-year-old female European brown bear, was rescued from a circus in Italy and brought to Colwyn Bay seven years ago.
There was a rumour that a brown bear had tunnelled its way out of the zoo into the cavern system to have cubs.
GERMAN authorities are blaming the World Cup for their failure to capture a dangerous brown bear that has been ravaging wild animals in Bavaria.
The scariest was Bart, the 1,000-pound Alaskan brown bear who mistakes Green for a lost cub.
Lethal encounter: In early October, Timothy Treadmill and girlfriend Amie Huguenard, both of Malibu, California, were videotaping bears in the Katmai National Park and Preserve on the Alaska Peninsula when a large brown bear attacked Treadmill.
Brown Bear Software markets products exclusively via the web, and offers tips for other businesses to get started.
THE BIG BROWN BEAR finally awoke from his nap and emerged from the thick brush with just a few minutes of daylight left.
The National Geographic Traveler contest also features a cute Alaskan brown bear cub waving at the camera.
The Romanian Carpathians are the home to a stable population of brown bear (Ursus arctos), which represents around 35% of the total number of brown bears in Europe.
Bulgaria has decided to scrap its 3% minimum hunting quota for brown bears and impose a ban on brown bear hunting, according to a draft bill.
If the climate warms again, the polar bear gene pool could revert back to brown bear characteristics.
The five-part series is hosted by Saba Douglas-Hamilton, Jonathan Scott and Jeff Turner, who introduce us to black bears Jeannie and Katie, and brown bear Blondie and her cubs.