brown ash

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vigorous spreading North American tree having dark brown heavy wood

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Instead of these gases attaching themselves to the walls of a chimney and turning into glaze creosote -- a highly flammable coating -- ACS catalyzes them into a very fine brown ash that is easily cleaned with chimney brushes.
With clean lines and a trendy light brown ash frame, the Cutaro's good looks are enhanced by the leather accents and white high-gloss finish.
Carrying a Au2,000 premium, it includes the three louver grille with bonnet-mounted star, 17" alloy wheels with a seven twin-spoke design, automatically dimming rear view mirror and folding exterior door mirrors, chrome trim on the side, rear and shoulder line, a storage package and brown Ash wood trim with a matt finish.
Delicate water-color illustrations show all the members of Lily's family pounding brown ash into splints, scraping and gauging the grown ash, braiding the sweet grass, and dyeing the strips into colors, all of which provided Lily with the materials for her Lily Basket which she designed and wove according to her dream of her grandmother.
White ash, green ash, American ash, red ash, black ash, brown ash, Canadian ash
* Stair risers and upper-level floors are a commercial-grade engineered hardwood in umber brown ash from Armstrong.
On Tuesday morning, steam trapped in the crater of the volcano triggered a series of explosions, dislodging rocks and emitting gray to brown ash clouds that rose half a kilometer above the summit, seismologists said.
Inside, the library is refinished with brown ash shelving and tables.
Ash has many American species, but the commercially important ones include black ash, brown ash, green ash, Oregon ash and white ash.