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Fucoidans present in brown algae can be considered as potent natural antioxidants (Ruperez et al, 2002; Rocha De Souza et al, 2007; Wang et al, 2010) and their antioxidant activity depends on their structural features such as degree of sulfation, molecular weight, type of the major sugar and branching.
Equilibrium and kinetic study and modeling of Cu(II) and Co(II) synergistic biosorption from Cu(II)-Co (II) single and binary mixtures on brown algae Cystoseira indica.
Brown algae contains a polyphenol called Ecklonia cava that numerous studies have shown to be beneficial.
Sargassum is a leafy, brown algae buoyed by little gas-filled berries, or pneumatocysts.
Brown algae are the basic raw material for the production of sodium alginate.
Creme de la Meds Illuminating Eye Gel is a multitasking product that contains the famous "Miracle Broth" along with an illuminating mix consisting of brown algae to brighten and soothe, and mineralized algae to help soothe, strengthen and protect the delicate eye area.
Alginate is a polysaccharide found in the cell walls of brown algae.
6000 species are included in red algae, 2000 in brown algae and 1200 in green algae.
Brown Algae Extract & Illite Clay Suspension is added for a strong anti-inflammatory.
This two-year fund was specifically directed for the treatment of burn wounds using brown algae extracted from seaweed and giant kelp.
Phlorotannins occur only in marine brown algae and are produced entirely by polymerization of phloroglucinol (1,3,5-trihydroxybenzene) through carbon-carbon or carbon-oxygen bonds (Ragan and Glombitza, 1986; Arnold and Targett, 1998), have been studied extensively with regard to their effects on ruminant nutrition, especially in relation to protein metabolism by rumen microflora (Barry and McNabb, 1999; Min et al.
GWYNETH Paltrow is urging us to buy some face cream which costs 50 quid a pop and contains things like brown algae and salmon eggs.
Two brown algae are Arctic endemics, and 41 of the 78 Boulder Patch species also occur in the North Pacific Ocean and southeast Alaska.