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any of several herbs of the genus Browallia cultivated for their blue or violet or white flowers

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70-80 Bird of paradise Strelitzia reginae 60-85 Bottlebrush Callistemon citrinus, 45-65 Callistemon speciosus Bougainvillea Bougainvillea 50-80 Bouvardia Bouvardia x domestica 55-60 Brassia Brassia 65-70 Bromeliad Tillandsia cyanea 75-85 Bromeliad Vriesia splendens 65-70 Browallia Browallia 65-75 Brunsfelsia Brunsfelsia 55-60 Calla lily Zantedeschia 50-65 elliottiana Camellia Camellia japonica, 50 Camellia sinensis Cape primrose Streptocarpus x 65-70 hybridus Chenille plant Acalypha 60-65 Cineraria Cineraria grandiflora 60-70 Coleus Coleus fredericii, 75 Coleus thyrsoideus Crossandra Crossandra 64 infindibuliformis Cyclamen Cyclamen persicum 46-50 Cymbidium orchid Cymbidium spp.
She rejoiced in them all, roses in rich and varied tints, mignonette, lilies of the valley, pansies, carnations, violets, poinsettias, acacia, heather, partridge berries, azaleas white and pink, cyclamen, daffodils, blue browallia, narcissus, Jerusalem cherry, camellia-japonica, ferns, primroses, jonquils and baskets of Christmas greens, and she rejoiced even more in the abounding lovingkindness that they represented.
T Mat Engineering, which provides sound-proofing solutions to customers who manufacture general industrial machinery and off-highway vehicles, is a part of British Mohair Holdings, which is owned by Browallia International.
ALTHOUGH the Bush Violet (Browallia speciosa), which comes from tropical South America, is a perennial, in this country it is normally treated as an annual for flowering indoors during the winter, or outside as a half-hardy bedding or container plant in the summer.
Consider, for example, China asters in rosy red and pink, with pink impatiens and purple browallia. Another red-and-pink combination is red hibiscus with pink geraniums, or you might like to display pink camellias with cyclamens in deep rose and soft lavender.
We have enjoyed the flowers of lobelia and browallia as well as geraniums all winter long.
19:+; Salvia tubiflora 21:1; Browallia grandiflora 21:1; Ipomoea dubia 21:2; Tropaeolum minus 27:+; Dioscorea chancayensis 27:+; Stenomesson coccineum 27:+; Spananthe paniculata 27:+; Suaeda foliosa 27:+; Drymaria paposana 27:1; Stellaria cuspidata 27:1; Luffa operculata 27:+; Heliotropium lanceolatum 27:1.
Fill spaces in between existing shrubs or other foliage plants with quick-blooming annuals such as begonias, browallia, or impatiens for shady areas; or marigolds, petunias, or zinnias for sunny spots.
In return the Swedish company, Forvaltnings AB Browallia, is buying Britannia's 14.5 per cent stake in British Mohair Holdings for pounds 1.73 million.
Britannia's non-executive director Mr Peter Gyllenhammar, who has a financial stake in Browallia, is leaving the board once shareholders approve the deal.
For shade, plant semperflorens (fibrous) begonias, browallia, coleus, and impatiens.
We, therefore, can substitute begonias, coleus, browallia, torenia, lobelia and sweet potato vine as alternative plants.
Coleus and sweet potato vine (both used for foliage color), begonias (both wax and tuberous types), lobelia and browallia (each offer splendid blues or whites), fuchsias (the small flowered uprights may be your best choice unless your container is huge), pansies and violas have the capacity to delight you.
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