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Synonyms for brow

Synonyms for brow

the part of the face above the eyes

the arch of hair above each eye

the peak of a hill

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Conclusion: Brow suspension with fascia lata sling is safe and effective technique for correction of ptosis with poor levator function.
Figure-1: Results of Frontalis Brow Suspension using Fascia Lata (Group I) and Silicone sling (Group II) showing significantly better results in group I than Group II Group I Group II Good (> 3) 12 11 Moderate (1.5-3) 2 0 Poor (< 1.5) 1 4 Figure-2: Indicates the post-operative complications encountered in both the groups which have been more in Group II than Group I Group I Group II Under 1 4 Correction Granuloma 0 1 Formation Exposure of 0 1 Silicone Sling Ptosis 0 1 Recurrence
Results of levator excision followed by fascia lata brow suspension in patients with congenital and jaw-winking ptosis.
She said: "I avoided going out and began to treat myself, as I have done periodically throughout my life, as the ugly person I had often felt like." Dr Foss told her that, until the 60s, sufferers were sectioned, but now it was a recognised neurological affliction, which could be helped through a painful procedure, called a Crawford Brow suspension.
Brow suspension, a minimally invasive technique in facial rejuvenation.
The Brow Suspension Treatment ($900 to $2,000) is a nonsurgical, noninvasive way to lift that sagging brow, involving a scar-free suture placed under the skin, which holds the brow in place and against the pull of gravity.