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Synonyms for brow

Synonyms for brow

the part of the face above the eyes

the arch of hair above each eye

the peak of a hill

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Conclusion: Brow suspension with fascia lata sling is safe and effective technique for correction of ptosis with poor levator function.
These various surgical procedures such as Muller muscle resection, Fasnella Servat procedure, levator aponeurosis advancement, levator resection and brow suspension are performed considering into account primarily the levator function.
To Compare the Results of Frontalis Brow Suspension using Fascia Lata & Silicone Tube.
Figure-1: Results of Frontalis Brow Suspension using Fascia Lata (Group I) and Silicone sling (Group II) showing significantly better results in group I than Group II Group I Group II Good (> 3) 12 11 Moderate (1.
Results of levator excision followed by fascia lata brow suspension in patients with congenital and jaw-winking ptosis.
Brow suspension, a minimally invasive technique in facial rejuvenation.
The Brow Suspension Treatment ($900 to $2,000) is a nonsurgical, noninvasive way to lift that sagging brow, involving a scar-free suture placed under the skin, which holds the brow in place and against the pull of gravity.