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Synonyms for justice

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Synonyms for justice

the state, action, or principle of treating all persons equally in accordance with the law

a public official who decides cases brought before a court of law in order to administer justice

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Synonyms for justice

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Returnees from conflict zones are brought to justice and imprisoned if they are involved in terrorist operations, he said.
New Delhi [India], Jan 15 ( ANI ): India on Tuesday said that the perpetrators of the heinous Kabul attack on Monday, should be immediately brought to justice.
Interior Minister of SC Vedran Mulabdic said that he condemned this horrible attack and that he believes that the perpetrators of this crime would be brought to justice just as soon as possible and that they must be punished severely.
"Fewer high-volume crimes like thefts are investigated, and as a result fewer offenders brought to justice.
Juakollie says it is good for those that supported war here be brought to justice, adding that it will pave the way for reconciliation and development.
National President of the PFN, Reverend Dr Felix Omobude, disclosed this in a statement issued last week in Benin City, where he condemned recent killing of scores of innocent Nigerians in Plateau and Zamfara states, as well as in other parts of the country, while calling on the government to ensure that the perpetrators were brought to justice.
The law enforcement authorities must ensure such criminals are swiftly brought to justice and are given an exemplary punishment.
The European Union (EU) Ambassadors said it was important that the Sri Lankan Government and the security forces to take urgent action against hate crimes and ensure that the perpetrators of such actions were swiftly brought to justice.
Fortunately his intentions were passed to North Wales Police and he was arrested and brought to justice.
Summary: Israel must be brought to justice for the injustice perpetrated on the Palestinian people
"We never close a case until the person or persons responsible have, wherever possible, been brought to justice and as part of our commitment to getting justice we have a Major Investigation Review Team which is looking at every single murder committed in the West Yorkshire area for which no-one has yet been brought to justice.
He also hoped that those responsible for this unjustifiable violence will be quickly found and brought to justice. The UN Chief expressed his solidarity with the people and the Government of the United Kingdom as they fight terrorism and violent extremism.
The independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has urged that all those involved in the lynching be brought to justice.
It's perhaps worth remembering that war criminals from this conflict were successfully brought to justice. The Netherlands, whose UN troops allowed the massacre, used their own courts to expose their failings.