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Synonyms for knee

hinge joint in the human leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur and protected in front by the patella

joint between the femur and tibia in a quadruped

the part of a trouser leg that provides the cloth covering for the knee

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He referred to Israel's demand for ceasefire in the past two wars against the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance groups, and said, "In the last battle (in November), ceasefire was requested (by Israel) after 48 hours and this means that the usurper Zionist regime has been brought to its knees."
I, for one was born in the old Coventry in a courtyard in Leicester Street and have seen this city brought to its knees.
Local MP Chi Onwurah said Newcastle's Science City could be brought to its knees if the controversial proposal championed by Home Secretary Theresa May who wants it in the next Conservative manifesto goes through.
It would revitalise the NHS which has been brought to its knees by this government.
A nation brought to its knees by war little more than 20 years ago is on the rise.
More than one million people were left out of pocket after the pension firm was brought to its knees more than a decade ago and around 600,000 of them have received payments so far, totalling PS734 million.
The country's capital and crucible of political power experienced a seismic change in populist sentiments as the Congress party, after ruling the capital for 15 years, was brought to its knees at the command of a broom.
"Fuel now represents 33 percent of our operating budget and the consensus forecast in March was for jet fuel to average $130 per (42-gallon) barrel, which is $3 more per barrel than in 2008 -- when our industry was nearly brought to its knees by the oil bubble.
Impoverished Yemen has been brought to its knees by a year of political upheaval with months of protests against the outgoing President Abdullah Ali Saleh.
* SIR - A viable business selling clothes that people wanted to buy has been brought to its knees by unfettered greed and stupidity.
Earlier this month, a report by the Financial Services Authority said RBS was brought to its knees by "multiple poor decisions" and the Dutch bank ABN Amro "gamble".
THE Royal Bank of Scotland was brought to its knees by "multiple poor decisions" and its pounds 50 billion "gamble" on buying Dutch bank ABN Amro, a damning report confirmed yesterday.
In the 70s, this country was brought to its knees by striking idiots like Red Robbo at BMC, and steel and shipyard workers among others.
sudden lunge; The bellow of the bull brought to its knees, Which we
Summary: LONDON - Global stocks rose on Friday after the world's seven leading industrial nations moved to rein in the Japanese yen, whose surge to record highs this week was hurting a country already brought to its knees by natural disasters.