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Synonyms for bring


bring someone down: knock over

bring someone in

bring someone round: wake up

bring someone round: persuade

bring something back: bring to mind


bring something back: revive

bring something down: overturn

bring something down: reduce

bring something down: cut down

bring something in: produce

bring something out: publish

bring something out: emphasize

bring something up: mention


Synonyms for bring

to cause to come along with oneself

to succeed in causing (a person) to act in a certain way

to achieve (a certain price)


bring around: to succeed in causing (a person) to act in a certain way

bring around: to cause to come back to life or consciousness

bring down: to cause to fall, as from a shot or blow

bring down: to bring about the downfall of

bring forth: to give birth to

bring in: to make as income or profit

bring off: to bring about and carry to a successful conclusion

bring out: to present for circulation, exhibit, or sale

bring up: to take care of and educate (a child)


bring up: to put forward (a topic) for discussion

bring up: to call or direct attention to something

Synonyms for bring

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Furthermore, there has been "no real pressure for change" brought to bear on airports.
It should be brought to bear as an antidote to the superstitions and panics fostered by an administration that doesn't respect its citizens.
The answer is virtually none, because companies long ago realized that hiring outside contractors to clean their offices was more cost-effective and, since the competitive marketplace was brought to bear, quality improvements could likewise be achieved.
At a time when visionary-caliber creativity serves us far better than nitpicking tactics honed in the corporate world--nevertheless grossly inappropriate in a volunteer environment--it is the latter that insular leaders have willfully brought to bear.
Such poor representation of revolutionary abstraction (ironic in the context of an institution formerly called the "Museum of Non-Objective Painting") came about, I believe, due to the pressure that Russian collectors have brought to bear. Since the 1990s, the first generation of nouveau riche--known for favoring figurative representation--has been hunting after nineteenth-century paintings with far more devotion than abstract ones.
This year's Product of the Year winner and crop of runners-up continue to demonstrate that this really is a remarkable industry in terms of the innovations, the well-planned launches, and the general creativity that is brought to bear as value is brought to the marketplace.
His cognate voluminous biblical commentaries are likewise enriched by the secular learning he brought to bear on sacred texts.
Only once before has a skyscraper been pulled down--the illegally built Park Hotel--when German diplomatic pressure was brought to bear (it was next door to their consulate).
Writing in the Daily Mirror, Charles said that a "deeply evil influence" must have been brought to bear on the "impressionable young minds" of the bombers.
Witness the enormous pressure brought to bear recently on the FDA by the makers of silicone breast implants.
For myself, I think that the recent work of a scholar such as Daniel Dubuisson might be brought to bear here (see his The Western Construction of Religion), for Dubuisson points to the infiltration of a pronounced neo-Platonist world view into early Christianity (and we certainly see this point of view in the Jewish neo-Platonist Philo of Alexandria).
Many people may think, "It can't happen to me." However, as many manufacturing jobs have moved from the United States to countries with lower costs of living, less stringent environmental regulations and sharply lower labor costs, attention has been brought to bear on steps that could prevent the wholesale departure of additional industries from the country.
Greater resources should be brought to bear in terms of scientific research on pathogen growth patterns and detection in the oceans.
The four hundred years covered in this volume have the richest archaeological resources that can be brought to bear, and E., a well-known Israeli excavator himself, provides a sure path through the maze of information.
Other analytic notions, like Fraser's "time felt" versus "time understood" are brought to bear on the evolution of self-consciousness.