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As a result gratuities payable in respect of death attributable to service of Gurkhas will now be brought into line with those of their British counterparts.
But Mamma's not the total problem, and moving him only sets up other forest professionals for failure, unless two things happen: First, the forest plans need to be amended, and brought into line with reality.
As international settlement rates between carriers are brought into line with costs, the attractiveness of VoIP as a substitution for traditional phone calls will diminish, slowing down its adoption and making VoIP bypass a relatively smaller percentage of all international voice traffic, the study concluded.
FreeStar reported that the audited revenues of Rahaxi would be consolidated in its Form 10-QSB for the quarter ending March 31, 2003, due to be filed in May 2003, and that Rahaxi's financial year would be brought into line with FreeStar's fiscal year end.