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Synonyms for home

at home: in

familiar with


  • familiar with
  • experienced in
  • skilled in
  • proficient in
  • conversant with
  • au fait with
  • knowledgeable of
  • well-versed in

bring something home to someone


hit home


home in on something or someone

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Synonyms for home

a building or shelter where one lives

the natural environment of an animal or plant

an institution that provides care and shelter

of or relating to the family or household

of, from, or within a country's own territory

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Synonyms for home

where you live at a particular time

the country or state or city where you live

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(baseball) base consisting of a rubber slab where the batter stands

the place where you are stationed and from which missions start and end


Related Words

place where something began and flourished

an environment offering affection and security

Related Words

an institution where people are cared for

provide with, or send to, a home

return home accurately from a long distance

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used of your own ground

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inside the country

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References in classic literature ?
From these she heard how soon Smith would be in Council; how many lacs Jones had brought home with him, how Thomson's House in London had refused the bills drawn by Thomson, Kibobjee, and Co., the Bombay House, and how it was thought the Calcutta House must go too; how very imprudent, to say the least of it, Mrs.
"Probably," said D'Artagnan, "but as he is a thoughtful young man he promised to send four expert workmen in his place to help those already at the scaffold, and wrote the moment he was brought home to Master Tom Lowe, an assistant carpenter and friend of his, to go down to Whitehall, with three of his friends.
Your knight for his lady pricks forth in career, And is brought home at even-song prick'd through with a spear; I confess him in haste for his lady desires No comfort on earth save the Barefooted Friar's.
You must know, then, that the above-named gentleman whenever he was at leisure (which was mostly all the year round) gave himself up to reading books of chivalry with such ardour and avidity that he almost entirely neglected the pursuit of his field-sports, and even the management of his property; and to such a pitch did his eagerness and infatuation go that he sold many an acre of tillageland to buy books of chivalry to read, and brought home as many of them as he could get.
Under the supervision of head coach Amir Shahab, sports coach Mohammad Noman, and trainers BeenishKomal and Naseem Fatima, the students were able to successfully won 1st position for both Special and Unified Categories and brought home 10 gold medals.
Other awards brought home by the film were Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Original Music Score and the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) Jury Prize.
*From bowling in O'Fallon, the state tournament series then shifted to Grossinger Motors Arena in Bloomington for the state finals in competitive cheerleading and dance, where in Class 2A dance Lake Zurich brought home the state championship and in Class 3A Naperville North, Stevenson and Lake Park finished 1-2-3.
In a tweet, the national carrier stated they were proud of their crew who flew the special flight and 'brought home 300 plus Pakistanis who were stranded'.
He said: "Over the last decade, UK hunters have brought home over 2,500 trophies, of which nearly 400 were from some of the most endangered species on the planet.
Ian Bunting New College Lanarkshire has ranked second in the UK for skills provision after 12 students brought home awards from national competition WorldSkills UK.
As each name came up and another poppy was added, it brought home part of the devastation of war.
She brought home a male's cloth to wash and an exotic car she lied belonged to her female boss.
The students also brought home four silver medals, six bronze and nine merit of achievement.
In September, more speculations about the show's renewal heightened after the cast and crew of "Big Little Lies" brought home a total of 16 awards from the Emmys.