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light carriage

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a sedan that has no roof over the driver's seat

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Then, amid a mixture of groans and cheers, Professor Challenger's electric brougham slid from the curb, and I found myself walking under the silvery lights of Regent Street, full of thoughts of Gladys and of wonder as to my future.
I stopped the carriage, got out, and, after a few minutes' conversation, persuaded two of the public women to get into the brougham with me.
The only reminder of mortality was a doctor's brougham arrested in august solitude close to the curbstone.
He drove off by himself, as had been arranged, and watched the flashing lights of the little brougham in front of him.
And the brougham, behind which he was now running, was no more than a black spot on the white road.
She watched us with a sardonic eye as we stepped from the brougham.
I was sufficiently conversant with Holmes's methods to be able to follow his reasoning, and to see that the nature and state of the various medical instruments in the wicker basket which hung in the lamplight inside the brougham had given him the data for his swift deduction.
Miss Brougham,' said Sellers at last, spitting out the words, 'has confined herself to the purely commercial side of my work.
A brougham and pair of grays, under the glare of a gas-lamp, stood before the doctor's door.
I saw Farebrother yesterday-- he's Whiggish himself, hoists Brougham and Useful Knowledge; that's the worst I know of him;--and he says that Brooke is getting up a pretty strong party.
He dismissed his electric brougham with a little wave of the hand, and turned to walk to his house in St.
Outside, Wingrave was leaning back in the corner of an electric brougham, reading the paper.
Thus it happened that we were certainly a poor family, in spite of the fine appearance we made, the fashionable street we lived in, the neat brougham we kept, and the clumsy and expensive footman who answered our door.
Margaret accepted, and at eleven o'clock one cheerless morning they started out in a brougham.
We see Jack Thriftless prancing in the park, or darting in his brougham down Pall Mall: we eat his dinners served on his miraculous plate.