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light carriage

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a sedan that has no roof over the driver's seat

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The brougham had come to a standstill in front of a house in Downing street.
I didn't know what broughams were made for, but now I know.
The daily appearance of a brougham and pair could hardly have been overlooked in such Sleepy Hollows.
Pompey ran about and whined eagerly outside the gate, where the marks of the brougham's wheels were still to be seen.
'Miss Brougham,' said Sellers at last, spitting out the words, 'has confined herself to the purely commercial side of my work.
"There's a brougham waiting for us, Watson," said he.
She watched us with a sardonic eye as we stepped from the brougham.
A line of electric broughams discharged their little cargoes of white-bearded professors, while the dark stream of humbler pedestrians, who crowded through the arched door-way, showed that the audience would be popular as well as scientific.
The only reminder of mortality was a doctor's brougham arrested in august solitude close to the curbstone.
Carriages went bowling by, mostly two-horse broughams, with here and there a victoria with the skin of some wild beast inside and a woman's face and hat emerging above the folded hood.
It was Madame Nilsson's first appearance that winter, and what the daily press had already learned to describe as "an exceptionally brilliant audience" had gathered to hear her, transported through the slippery, snowy streets in private broughams, in the spacious family landau, or in the humbler but more convenient "Brown coupe" To come to the Opera in a Brown coupe was almost as honourable a way of arriving as in one's own carriage; and departure by the same means had the immense advantage of enabling one
* Susan Brougham is head housekeeper at Matfen Hall in Northumberland.
LIVERPOOL'S former register office in Brougham Terrace may become a Muslim heritage centre.
Richard Reynolds, 83, was last seen at his address on Brougham Road, in Seacombe, at about 4.15am.
* Physical Resources and Procurement, modular building and ramp (conservation area), Marsden J & I School, Brougham Road, Marsden.