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Synonyms for broomstick

the handle of a broom

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"What!" said the Broomstick, "do you consider the hands of a housewife intellectual?"
And Hannibal, the largest lion in captivity, with all his teeth, captured out of the jungle after he was full-grown, a veritable king of beasts, before the menacing broomstick in the hand of a sliver of a man, backed deeper and more crumpled together into the corner.
They were scarcely started a fifth of the way of the distance, when the waiting broomstick rapped on his nose and made him sink it in the floor under his chest and cover it again with his paws.
And the great lion lay and roared in helplessness, and at each prod exposed his nose more and lifted it higher, until, at the end, his red tongue ran out between his fangs and licked the boot resting none too gently on his neck, and, after that, licked the broomstick that had administered all the punishment.
An honest woman is no better in his eyes than one of your broomstick jumpers.
An old woman who seems to have been flying into town on a broomstick, every now and then.
Somebody is going to touch you, with a broomstick, if you don't stop snivelling.
Pearce with a broomstick. At the end of six months you shall go to Buckingham Palace in a carriage, beautifully dressed.
He never could go after even a turnip-cart but he must have the swords and guns all scoured up for it, though they was only lath and broomsticks, and you might scour at them till you rotted, and then they warn't worth a mouthful of ashes more than what they was before.
"My sons," the Duke of Egypt was saying to his audience, in a falsetto voice, "sorceresses in France go to the witches' sabbath without broomsticks, or grease, or steed, merely by means of some magic words.
All these roses are dwarf; I have only two standards in the whole garden, two Madame George Bruants, and they look like broomsticks. How I long for the day when the tea-roses open their buds!
He nodded grotesquely over his raised legs, like two broomsticks in the pyjamas, with enormous bare feet at the end.
Left, from top, Alnwick Castle, Cameron and Martin getting broomstick training and trying some sword-fighting
Once you are ready, perform the exercise without the broomstick, with your arms outstretched in front of you.
The 'broomstick army' is taking shape PLANS were afoot for the formation of a "broomstick army" in Middlesbrough.