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Effect of water stress on seedling growth and photosynthetic characteristics in broomcorn millet.
technicum is commonly called broomcorn. An annual grass like other Sorghums grows 6 to 15 ft tall although dwarf varieties are only 3 to 7 ft in height.
Floor mats, seat cushions and 100 percent natural broomcorn or Dura Cover panels are all part of the package.
Seeds recovered at two herder campsites in Kazakhstan represent the earliest evidence of the combined use of bread wheat and broomcorn millet, say anthropologist Robert Spengler of Washington University in St.
On a recent trip to southern Colombia, I discovered broomcorn being grown as a versatile grain crop.
When Carl Dutton, Lindsay, Okla., saw the broomcorn machine identified (page 7, June 2012), he knew he needed it for his museum display of broomcorn equipment.
The most common THMs are chloroform, brornodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane, and broomcorn. Exposure routes include ingestion and inhalation and dermal absorption during showering, bathing, and swimming in pools, given the volatility and skin permeability of THMs.
Compressed yellow millet and some Red broomcorn form the shape of a little human bungee jumper, with a bungee rope, and is very entertaining for birds and BBQ-ers alike.
One example is sorghum, which is also known as milo, durra, or broomcorn.
People domesticated foxtail millet and broomcorn millet, and these grains became major food sources in this region.
For meat there are cattle and horses and for grains there are foxtail millets and broomcorn millets.
The equipment was idle during Jack Hockaday's illness, and the family's broomcorn, essential to the business, had died out.
The noodles were made from broomcorn and foxtail millet, rather than wheat or rice.