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tall grasses grown for the elongated stiff-branched panicle used for brooms and brushes

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Effect of water stress on seedling growth and photosynthetic characteristics in broomcorn millet.
The findings push back the dates of the two crops' first appearance in Central Asia, suggesting that the herders transported bread wheat from west to east and broomcorn millet from east to west.
Broomcorn is not really corn, but a type of sorghum that grows well wherever corn can be grown.
saw the broomcorn machine identified (page 7, June 2012), he knew he needed it for his museum display of broomcorn equipment.
The most common THMs are chloroform, brornodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane, and broomcorn.
Compressed yellow millet and some Red broomcorn form the shape of a little human bungee jumper, with a bungee rope, and is very entertaining for birds and BBQ-ers alike.
One example is sorghum, which is also known as milo, durra, or broomcorn.
People domesticated foxtail millet and broomcorn millet, and these grains became major food sources in this region.
For meat there are cattle and horses and for grains there are foxtail millets and broomcorn millets.
According to Martin, nothing can compete with broomcorn bristles that have been used since the late 1700s.
The noodles were made from broomcorn and foxtail millet, rather than wheat or rice.
I pulled peanuts in Texas and broomcorn in New Mexico.
The bulk of her catalogues, however, have names like Plough and Hearth or Fin and Feather, featuring broomcorn centerpieces, hammered-copper log boxes, pool covers, birdbaths and welcome mats.