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prickly yellow-flowered shrub of the moors of New England and Europe

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Because of the cake, the journey, and the broom tree, there is a strong connection between 1 Kings 19 and Men at Arms.
Most of us can recite a spate of troubles, individual and communal, local and worldwide, that would make us want to commiserate with Elijah under his broom tree of despair.
To truly live in synchrony with the eucharistic mystery, those who have come to know Jesus in the breaking of the bread--those whose hearts, centered on Jesus, have begun to burn within them--are the very ones who are to leave behind the broom trees of our despair and live in hope.
The main advantage of the unhandsome broom tree is that it blocks the wind; if you've ever stood in a dusty desert gale, you can appreciate that.
WHEN THE PROPHET ELIJAH REACHED HIS BROOM TREE, HE wasn't thinking of bedding down for the night.
He stops beneath a broom tree in the desert, begs God to end his life ("This is enough, oh Lord"), then falls asleep.
Then come the broom trees with their yellow, jasmine-scented flowers and butterflies.
Meaning the settlement amidst the broom trees, it faced problems from its very beginnings for it was right next to another Bromwich.
After the brook there came first a hidden ford and then the broom halas, the hollows of the broom trees - brought to mind in Broom Hall Crescent on the limits of Hall Green.
Thence the border was marked by the "broom halas", the hollow of broom trees. This is brought to mind in Broom Hall Crescent in Hall Green.