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Prosecutor Karl Scholz said last month Parry had chased his wife with the broom handle at their home, and been abusive.
The three hit the window with cues and a section of broom handle until it smashed, causing pounds 1,800 damage, and Hedderman hit Mr Sehmbi's nephew, Hardip, in the face, causing a cut to the inside of his mouth.
Banksy 8 canvas print, pounds 65, The White Lounge; soft patio broom, pounds 8.49, pistachio broom handle, pounds 4.49, Addis; Bambu and aluminium dustpan, pounds 6.99, hand brush, pounds 5.49, Bentley Brushwares.
The court heard Marshall admitted punching and kicking him and beating him with a broom handle.
'Because the structure has to be solid we used tampers made of baked bean cans with a broom handle cemented in to pack down the wet sand as hard as possible.
Some of her teeth were knocked out as the blunt pole - the same width as a broom handle - entered her mouth below her chin, narrowly missing an artery.
A BIRMINGHAM man has been banned from owning any animal for three years after he beat his mother's pedigree dog to death with a broom handle.
The Sex Pistols singer revealed he has the malady due to a childhood illness and has to constantly exercise with a broom handle to prevent it getting any worse.
Isabella Smith, 50, and the girl, who cannot be named, battered Eric Little, 53 - a of the woman - with a broom handle, brush head and a guitar.
David Grantham, of Lockhurst Lane, branded his 16-year-old victim with a hot knife, punched him with boxing gloves and broke his thumb after beating his hands with a broom handle.
One young girl got hold of a barrier or a broom handle and used it to smash the window.
Kelly, 71, of Somersham, Cambs, said: "I poked a broom handle down and I heard the pups mewling.
The woman identified the caller as the accused and said he was armed with a long wooden stick - similar to a broom handle.
His mates out there are Scientologist cranks, and he's forced to live with a pout on a broom handle who'll soon be on suicide watch when she realises the Yanks have seen through her utter vacuity.
The assault, at the Royal Marines' Condor base near Arbroath, was so violent the broom handle snapped in two.