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the handle of a broom

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He has to find a method that works and the broom handle has got to be the next progression.
He is heard shouting in delight as he hits the first one on the head with the broom handle.
EQUIPMENT: * Broom handle or baseball bat * Tennis ball or baseball * Baseball gloves (optional) * Playing field (a safe place away from windows, traffic, or other dangers)
As Biller recounted a labor history of "company spies" and managers trying to "shove the broom handle up the guy's behind while he's working," I asked him what he would do to make life better for his workers if he were postmaster general.
The dad of two used a broom handle as a perch as he gently lifted it to a wider gap.
Tia, the daughter of Maden's sister, Lynne Rigg, was subjected to horrifying sexual injuries with a broom handle before being stabbed and strangled with a guitar wire.
A TEENAGER had his nose broken by a gang armed with a broom handle and a chain.
But Mat would rarely have been called on to help coax and shape sounds from so-called instruments as diverse as electronic circuitry and a broom handle.
A HERD of crazed cows nearly stamped a dogwalker to death before they were chased off by a passer-by armed with a broom handle.
A teacher in County Durham was attacked by a pupil using a broom handle while another was assaulted with a cigarette lighter.
IN dry conditions, make a hole near a plant with a broom handle and fill the hole with water.
You'd have a shovel up your hooter and a broom handle up your backside before you could say 'Love the orange jacket'.
One was carrying a broom handle and had a handle and hand a hand gun tucked into the waistband of his trousers.
Detective Sergeant Bleddyn Price said: 'The victim tried to get into a garden for safety, but he was knocked to the floor, kicked and hit with the stick which might have been part of a bannister or a broom handle.
You can repeat the exercise with a 'barbell' grip - imagine you are holding a broom handle, so both palms are facing the broom.