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With that, Jo shouldered her broom and marched into the house, wondering what they would all say to her.
But he was back in a few moments, having discarded his broom and provided himself, from some mysterious source, with an exquisite bouquet of flowers.
It then, with an old broom it carries, softly sweeps the step and makes the archway clean.
He had seen, spread on the neighboring heath, the human remains which had stained with clouted blood the scattered stones among the flowering broom.
Suddenly something like a birch broom seemed to sweep over the squadron.
the classic prescribed by her father which had bored her, so that one sentence chancing to say something about the smell of broom in his garden, she had thereupon seen the little hall at Richmond laden with flowers on the day of her mother's funeral, smelling so strong that now any flower-scent brought back the sickly horrible sensation; and so from one scene she passed, half-hearing, half-seeing, to another.
The Pumpkinhead had brought a broom, which was the first thing he saw.
Methinks, too, from the stink, they must have been Roman swineherd who habited this sty with their herds, an' I venture that thou, old sow, hast never touched broom to the place for fear of disturbing the ancient relics of thy kin.
Taking the wisp broom from its nail inside the door, the newcomer brushed the snow from his moccasins and high German socks.
My landlord, whose hands were empty, fell to with his fist, and the good wife, uplifting her broom and aiming at the head of Jones, had probably put an immediate end to the fray, and to Jones likewise, had not the descent of this broom been prevented--not by the miraculous intervention of any heathen deity, but by a very natural though fortunate accident, viz.
There were no seals behind us, and ahead of us the line of fourteen boats, like a huge broom, swept the herd before it.
A stable boy, spruce and smart in his holiday attire, met them with a broom in his hand, and followed them.
My client is Sir Bernard Debenham, of Broom Hall, Esher.
I took away the broom as gently and as kindly as I could.
The whole city, not to be behind in this luxury of cleanliness, assumed its best toilette with the help of brushes, brooms, and water.