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"Very well," answered Nick, "the broom shall be used for a tail," and he fastened it firmly to the back end of the sofa body.
then the sofas were sprinkled, and the broom given a slight coating.
Jo nodded and laughed, and flourished her broom as she called out...
With that, Jo shouldered her broom and marched into the house, wondering what they would all say to her.
Then she took the broom out of my hands and moved off with it slowly, a little way down the corridor.
Fetch the broom and sweep the chamber.' When she had done this, he ordered her to come to his chair, and then he stretched out his feet and said:
But death also goes through the world dressed as a broom, lapping the floor, looking for dead bodies.
The couple, who launched Brocade Racing in 2007, have enjoyed success with all bar one of the nine horses who run in the partnership's colours and Garth Broom paid tribute to trainers David Pipe and Colin Tizzard after they combined to match the Brooms' personal best of 11 winners.
The hardy cytisus battandieri (pineapple or moroccan broom) has a different look, its silky silver leaves, retained in a mild winter.
ZENA SAYS: What you're after is a besom broom: usually a bundle of twigs tied to a pole.
After the Broom fiasco, you would think the minimal response from Strickland would be an immediate moratorium on executions until Ohio devised a more humane procedure.
Broom's lawyer, Tim Sweeney, said his client had "sustained both physical and mental injuries" during the attempts, while witnesses said he had been distressed and appeared to cry.
Seizing the last broom in the stock, she shook it under the nose of the bewildered clerk and said angrily, "Not like the brooms they used to make!
The enclosed-cab Exterra[R] rider sweeper from Advance[R] features an integrated dust-suppression system that minimizes dust at the side brooms to create an extra-wide, 77-inch, dust-controlled sweeping path.