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Synonyms for brookweed

American water pimpernel

water pimpernel of Europe to China

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10%), Beaded Glasswort, Creeping Brookweed, Water-buttons and young Rounded Noon-flower.
Shiny Bog-rush Schoenus nitens, Creeping Brookweed and a Club-rush Isolepis sp.
Although two of their dunes had partly emerged, just several hardy perennials such as the Beaded Glasswort and the Creeping Brookweed had survived.
The next most landward zone consists of herbs such as: Salt-grass Distichlis distichophylla, Creeping Brookweed Samolus repens, Shiny Swamp-mat Selliera radicans, Rounded Noonflower Disphyma crassifolium subsp.
Both colony and non-colony sites were dominated by typical components of coastal, succulent saltmarsh vegetation, namely Creeping Brookweed Samolus repens, Narrow-leaf Wilsonia Wilsonia backhousei and Beaded Glasswort Sarcornia quinqueflora.
parviflorus (Raf.) Hulten; SYN: Samolus floribundus Kunth, Samolus parviflorus Raf.; Water Pimpernel, Brookweed, Seaside Brookweed; Floodplain woods around boat launch; Infrequent; C = 5; BSUH 16760.