broody hen

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a domestic hen ready to brood

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You'll know you have a broody hen if she returns to the nest after being shooed away, refuses to leave the nest when you collect eggs, and spends all day sitting on the nest.
A broody hen will sit on her eggs and will be reluctant to go out and defecate.
An older hen is likely to be a better broody hen. Since she has slowed down a bit, she's more likely to be perfectly content to sit in a nesting box on a clutch of eggs for the three-week period required to hatch them.
In a flash, he'll tick off his latest and greatest finds -- currently, an early-l9th century mechanical chicken delouser -- and he'll announce without hesitation his "wants" -- a 19-century "Chamberlain's Setting Hen" incubator, which sports a lid shaped like a broody hen.
The easiest way to incubate and hatch fertile chicken eggs is to have a broody hen do all the work for you.
Miss Thomas said that Ginger didn't think twice about the arrangement, adding: "A broody hen doesn't care whose eggs she sits on."
Mike clucked like a broody hen while Penny hid in the bathroom with the paperwork as Fred puffed up his plumage to its full, affronted state.
The broody hen was sitting on a nest she had built.
A BROODY hen has amazed animal experts by adopting a family of ducklings.
So plans and priorities were adjusted to build two broody hen pens (Maternity Wards), one for each setting hen, allowing them a peaceful place for their 21day hypnotic trance.
I place my broody hen and her eggs in the cage when I can hear the chicks picking inside the egg.
Friends of ours mentioned they had a hen that was "setting," so I asked them to try the method mentioned in the letter--lifting a broody hen off her nest at night and replacing her eggs with chicks so they can be raised naturally by a mother.
Anybodv who has let a broody hen set, hatch and rear her own babies, knows that mama hens can be protective of their offspring.
Mr Cull said he thinks 'My Mate' must be protecting some broody hen pheasants.
Many folks try to prevent their laying hens from going broody because they don't lay eggs while hatching and raising chicks--if you want to hatch a few chicks though, a broody hen can be a godsend.