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Synonyms for broody

a domestic hen ready to brood

physiologically ready to incubate eggs

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Heritage breeds have a greater tendency to go broody, because they haven't had the trait bred out of them to the same degree as modern hybrids.
"Expressions like 'feeling broody' are often bandied about in this situation 6 my impression is that the phrase trips off Kate's tongue almost as a reflex, a compliment to the charm of my baby, a light laugh," she said.
Sharing a picture onInstagramof himself cuddling a pal's baby in Tenerife, Arg wrote: "I'M BROODY @gemmacollins1," alongside a baby emoji and a heart.
Cartoonish Broody and Biondi, inconsistency of voice, and the mixing of Broody's personal story with literary analysis cloud DiRisio's purpose.
If you already have a laying flock and one of your hens becomes broody, she can incubate her own eggs.
Then I read about broody chickens and how sometimes they die of this condition.
CHERYL Fernandez Versini's X Factor buddy Rita Ora has admitted she is feeling broody.
The Roar singer, who split from the comedian in 2011 after 14 months of marriage, told US Marie Claire that Russell was quite broody - but she was reluctant.
Country rocker Shawn Mullins' broody and haunting "The Ghost of Johnny Cash'' has a way of getting under your skin as it delicately captures the dichotomy of the titular music legend.
Drinkers at the popular student drinking spot have been advised to leave the broody bird alone or they may end up pecked.
The 32-year-old cyclist explained she has started feeling 'more broody' in recent months, and is looking forward to becoming a mother, the Daily Mail reported.
Summary: Whist in Canada, Kate Middleton has hinted that she is feeling broody.
The Sugababe admits she's not just getting sexy at the moment, she's getting broody too.