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Synonyms for broody

a domestic hen ready to brood

physiologically ready to incubate eggs

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I found the solution by accident; I broke her of being broody without trying.
Former Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon admits footballer boyfriend Lee Trundle's daughter has made her broody.
The Cambridge graduate, who wore a prosthetic belly to play a pregnant activist in The Constant Gardener, has admitted she got broody on set.
The title aptly expresses a tension in Rauch's work between a bold iconoclasm that exposes the fallaciousness of figurative painting itself and a broody melancholia that confronts the broken promise of art to represent or transform life, a promise that demands restitution.
I have been called broody, and other silly names but my son is content and in 45 minutes I offer him a good range of home cooked food - no tins or freezer food - and we are both happy, and that is what counts.
FALLON completed his Epsom big-race brace when timing his run to perfection to scoop the Pentax Great Metropolitan Stakes aboard broody mare April Stock.
Director Karina Reinhardt, 36, said: "Watching babies in the water every day with their parents just makes us broody.
The broody Saturdays singer, already mum to oneyear-old Parker with ex-footballer hubby Wayne, hopes for two more kids - though the couple will not be trying until the show is over.
I would like to thank you for the article on broody hens ("Raise Your Best Flock Using Broody Hens," December 2012/ January 2013).
The Olympic gold medalist, who is currently dazzling judges and viewers on hit BBC show 'Strictly Come Dancing,' admitted that she is feeling broody after meeting dance partner Brendan Cole's pregnant wife, 29-year-old model Zoe.
Many folks try to prevent their laying hens from going broody because they don't lay eggs while hatching and raising chicks--if you want to hatch a few chicks though, a broody hen can be a godsend.
When staff at the Gower Heritage Centre, in Parkmill, near Swansea, noticed that Ginger, their one-year-old hen, was acting broody they decided to let her sit on five duck eggs - and two of them hatched.
If this wasn't unusual enough, the next day I found Elenore, my broody Silkie hen, had assumed custody of the kittens.
The broody Wag, 21, said she'd like to start trying for a baby early next year.