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Synonyms for brooding

Synonyms for brooding

sitting on eggs so as to hatch them by the warmth of the body

persistent morbid meditation on a problem


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The Israeli assassin is brilliantly played by broodingly handsome Israeli actor Lior Ashkenazi.
Though its tone is generally broodingly disturbing, the book has quirkier moments, such as when Lizzie and Emma splurge excitedly on fresh fruit while their father is away, or when a small neighborhood boy runs up to the Borden home and triumphantly yells, "I touched the murder house!" See What I Have Done enters the murder house before and after that fateful August day and, with quiet intensity, creates a memorable place of horror.
The Manic Pixie Dream Girl exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures.
In the early nineteenth century, the philosopher Thomas Robert Malthus broodingly prognosticated that population would increase geometrically while agricultural production would increase only arithmetically.
The return of the prodigal child certainly caused a pre-match stir, with Pogba's image glaring broodingly from the matchday programme and the home fans reserving their loudest roar for his name.
These were all competently made, the burnt cream being smooth with a delicate sugar topping and the chocolate mousse broodingly dark.
I first saw The Adverts at Tiffany's and loved "One Chord Wonders", and their biggest hit, the broodingly sinister pop song "Gary Gilmore's Eyes".
Then Captain Poldark was arrested on those majestic clifftops he spends most of his time riding along looking broodingly handsome.
Aubert over several pages approaches the broodingly sublime castle of Udolpho in the company of her broodingly sublime guardian, Signor Montoni.
Chandor's crime drama "A Most Violent Year," which broodingly evokes "Macbeth" in its portrait of a corrupt New York businessman on the brink of seizing power, backed by a woman whose ruthlessness far exceeds his own.
Lockroy clearly brought a certain melancholy elegance to his performance of Muller's ailment; writing in 1861, the critic Jules Janin recalled that "il etait ce qui s'appelle un beau tenebreux, et toussait avec autant de grace que la Dame aux camelias plus tard' ("He was what's called a beau tenebreux [a dark and broodingly handsome man], and coughed as gracefully as the Lady of the Camellias would later") (2).
The magnifs icent Keeley Hawes is giving a masterclass in acting as the under-suspicion Denton, who is broodingly sinister, chilling and totally unnerving.
(Jasmine was the type of woman whose husband would, like Richard Burton would do for Elizabeth Taylor, give her a "127,000 [pounds sterling] diamond ring simply because it was Tuesday." (2) Though not as dark or noirish as Match Point (2005), and not as broodingly Bergmanesque as Interiors (1978), Blue Jasmine is nevertheless far removed from a conventional "Woody Allen film." It still possesses an essential comedic core, and while it contains sufficient doses of Allen's trademark neurotic brand of humor (as well as his standard jazz score), it is essentially a comedic drama that verges upon tragedy.
Who would have expected Pattinson to be this passionate and not to mention broodingly handsome for an ad?
He sculpted the almost geographical contours of this broodingly mythic work with visionary vigour.