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Synonyms for broody

a domestic hen ready to brood

physiologically ready to incubate eggs

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Like Wales, Finland is a relatively small country in terms of population, has been overshadowed economically and socially by a larger neighbour, has a culture of melancholy and broodiness, links the success of the country to its prowess in one sport (ice hockey, not rugby).
X is greater than Y are four chaps residing in Birmingham who make a crazed pop noise which casually posits itself between the precision of The Pixies, the broodiness of Six By Seven and the simmering hysteria of Muse.
You and your partner should certainly discuss any genuine flashes of broodiness.
Most of the high-powered layers of today have had the broodiness bred out of them.
But Linda's broodiness isn't the only revelation to be prised out of the Carters tonight, and Mick is seriously rattled by another secret even more disturbing than the prospect of a few dirty nappies.
He was speaking to me via Skype from the hut, where he's hiding out until my latest wave of broodiness passes.
Although Julie has no intention of having more children she still has moments of broodiness.
Described as a dark and infectious alt-rock band with dirty distortion and generous charges of grunge, Spies in Limbo are an excellent live band, exuding a sinister broodiness and captivating rhythmic prowess in their performances, demonstrated in tracks such as Play Dead and Sharon Stone.
It's Gordon's broodiness, the set jaw, the sense of passion repressed, the thwack of Bible on pulpit, that does it; discipline, denial, the threat of punishment: turn-ons, or what?
Gisele has never kept her broodiness a secret, openly admitting to friends how she wants to start a family with her actor boyfriend - though will only go ahead when she has a ring on her finger.
He said the piece started brightly using woodwind and trumpets before developing a feeling of broodiness.
However, they may well change their minds - many women find they can't resist the biological clock and despite all their intentions, the broodiness won't go away.
My broodiness was particularly severe if I found myself with a woman and her baby.
Perhaps a few days of babysitting will put things in perspective and g reduce the high-grade broodiness.