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Synonyms for broody

a domestic hen ready to brood

physiologically ready to incubate eggs

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In one he can be seen staring broodily at the camera as he meditates on the ways of the world and one, undisputable, inescapable true love.
Rarely has he been this broodily impressive on the silver screen in a role that someone like the comparatively geeky-faced Ethan Hawke might have done equally well at now that he has also grown into his looks in a different way.
A man sat broodily at a table staring into the middle distance through the open door, only occasionally diverting his eyes to ensure his fingers clasped his pint without causing spillage, while another was thoroughly engrossed in his newspaper.
This month, she's once again front and centre in Pride and Prejudice, in which her shrewd heroine, Elizabeth Bennet, crosses wits with Matthew Macfadyen's broodily romantic Mr Darcy.
A broodily minimal soft rock shimmer from the all-girl Canadian quintet.
It was virtually unintelligible, a drawing room piece in which Riedel in waistcoat, called "Him" in the program, stalks broodily about the stage space, while Mary Ford, as "Her" in long dress, comes and goes, trying to depict a picture of unexplained anxiety and anguish.
What Beckham has done is appear on the front of the Face magazine, staring broodily into the camera, the side of his head smeared with tomato ketchup.