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Synonyms for broody

a domestic hen ready to brood

physiologically ready to incubate eggs

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Rarely has he been this broodily impressive on the silver screen in a role that someone like the comparatively geeky-faced Ethan Hawke might have done equally well at now that he has also grown into his looks in a different way.
A man sat broodily at a table staring into the middle distance through the open door, only occasionally diverting his eyes to ensure his fingers clasped his pint without causing spillage, while another was thoroughly engrossed in his newspaper.
This month, she's once again front and centre in Pride and Prejudice, in which her shrewd heroine, Elizabeth Bennet, crosses wits with Matthew Macfadyen's broodily romantic Mr Darcy.
A broodily minimal soft rock shimmer from the all-girl Canadian quintet.
In those surroundings, it was easy to imagine how Emily Bront' could conjure up a character such as Heathcliff, striding broodily over the dark, windswept moors in her classic story, Wuthering Heights.
It was virtually unintelligible, a drawing room piece in which Riedel in waistcoat, called "Him" in the program, stalks broodily about the stage space, while Mary Ford, as "Her" in long dress, comes and goes, trying to depict a picture of unexplained anxiety and anguish.
Though he doesn't have extensive experience posing broodily just yet, he did make his modelling debut last year when he was featured on the cover of Man About Town magazine.
Among the things that Harry, the Los Angeles Police Department's ace antihero, hasn't time for here: moping about his exes, worrying about his daughter, broodily listening to jazz in the wee hours or fretting about the threat of retirement, which has hovered over him for quite a while now." JANET MASLIN
It's heavy-handed and repetitive, with several false turns and far too many shots of people looking broodily out to sea.
He happily accedes to having his photograph taken in the University of Wales's landmark old college which stares broodily from its hilltop perch above Bangor.
Despite the odd broodily dark Iberian threat muttered in his direction, the R&A official staunchly refuses to have the TV gantry taken down.
Kate appeared to be acting a little broodily after being presented with a bouquet by Raffaela, the two-yearold child of British ex-pat David Cheater, 28, during a walkabout in Canada.
Llandaff Cathedral silhouetted against a rouge-soaked sunset above a broodily shadowed river Taff;