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apparatus consisting of a box designed to maintain a constant temperature by the use of a thermostat

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Ertel's incubators and brooders were designed for small- and medium-sized chicken operations and, specifically, for ease of use by the farm wife.
A long-hanging swing in a brooder will fill up with baby chicks all swinging in a row and is just the cutest thing to see
Food is a major component for the maintenance of brooders.
In 1999, brooding started early in the season, on November 18, with a low percentage of brooders in the population (7.
They are known for being good brooders and protective mothers, so many raisers let their ducks do the setting rather than artificially incubating the eggs (see "Broody Muscovies," Page 74).
Members of the genus Oreochromis are mouth brooders that have the capacity to spawn continually under the proper environmental conditions.
Farther south is seldom-targeted Haiwee Reservoir (pronounced HAY-wee), where smallmouth and largemouth bass dine on steady diets of crawdad and rainbow and brown brooders occasionally are stocked.
Chicks were then placed in large plastic brooders which contained 8-12 same-aged chicks.
In a comprehensive review of sex-changing species, Policansky (1982) cited evidence that 10 species of echinoderms change sex, the majority being protandric; two of these are brooders (Table I).
Tenders are invited for fisheries_infrastructure facilities and human development of fisher folk_fish hatchery at kallanode in kozhikode district_repairs to existing vertical ponds and brooders tank
Baby chicks were kept in five level battery brooders, each holding 500 chicks and heated by electricity.
Some brooders have a solid floor; others have a floor made of hardware cloth.