brood hen

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a domestic hen ready to brood

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3.22 [+ or -] 0.52 young per brood hen, t = 2.39, P = 0.033).
- At D and C, breeding success each year was related to clutch size, brood size, and the proportion of brood hens (Table 9).
The proportion of brood hens, however, seemed to be affected by additional factors.
A brood hen incubates her eggs alone in a nest that is little more than a depression in the ground lined with dead leaves.
When the young turkeys get split up from the brood hen, they start calling to each other so they can locate each other and get back together," Berry explained.
Monte Bowen, a Java breeder in Plevna, Kan., says that "Javas are good foragers, and the hens are excellent brood hens and mothers.
Bantams also make good brood hens for setting other eggs.
Before brood hens can go to work, there must be eggs to hatch.