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cell from which another cell of an organism (usually of a different sort) develops

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While tucked safely inside the confines of the brood cell, the mother mite may produce as many as five daughters and one son, says Harbo.
Varroa invade brood cells where the soft larvae and pupae develop, leading to undersized adults and malformations like misshapen wings.
While the mites also feed on female worker bees, they cannot reproduce inside worker bee brood cells.
You can tell if you have a laying worker because all the brood cells will be drone cells.
However, Chalkbrood mummies found in the hive entrance and few in the brood cells of 27 (64.
Female beewolves cultivate these bacteria in specialized antennal gland reservoirs and apply them to the ceiling of the brood cells.
In addition Camargo organized thousands of jars containing brood cells, workers, queens, and males from all of the nests he collected.
Biani placed the contents of the brood cells in water and plated the liquid on Petri dishes in order to count the number of fungal colonies from nests with and without mites.