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of red tinged with bronze

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Bronze-Red Dragon Lager, Blue Corn Brewery, Albuquerque, NM
For striking good looks in a terracotta tub, choose a rich bronze-red variegated variety, as these are slightly thinner at the base but retain the graceful arching sword-like leaves, which make them look so majestic.
A LADY FERN shows off delicate green fronds against bronze-red foliage of Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum'.
For unusual flowers, look for Cat's Eyes, with a central crown of gold surrounding by red-brown petals, and Red Brocade, which has rich bronze-red petals overlaying each elegantly and a small orange centre.
It's brewed in the oldworld tradition of a |Heller', so that it's a paler bock and has a richer, bronze-red color to it.
The foliage is also marked with bronze-red streaks.
Sea Shells, a 90cm (3ft) plant, has golden, fluted petals and contrasting dark centres and Unwins Gold has rich gold flowers with a bronze-red centre.
Its bronze-red leaves gradually turn bronzy green by summer, then red in autumn.
The flowers are rich gold with a bronze-red centre.
Pandora, a small deciduous tree, has shell-pink flowers in spring and superb bronze-red autumn foliage.