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huge quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur common in North America in the late Jurassic

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Brontosaurus "No wonder we're green," I quoted one of them.
And right on cue, Owen delivered more grunt than a rampaging brontosaurus, dumping Yannick Jauzion on his backside.
This 40-foot long spine, found by a local farmer, belonged to a herbivorous sauropod, from the same family as the brontosaurus.
It is thought the eggs were laid between 70 and 90 million years ago by titanosaurs - giant, armour- plated relatives of the brontosaurus.
1970: An appearance for The Move on BBC Radio One Club, which was recorded at the La Fayette Club in Wolverhampton, plugging our new single, Brontosaurus.
He is now planting hundreds of the species at Dan-yr-Ogof to add a genuine touch of the past alongside the dinosaur park's scary models such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brontosaurus.
The professor added: "We know that all the dinosaurs, from the T-Rex to the Brontosaurus, derive from a common ancestor.
Monster maestro Richard Attenborough reveals he's been a mite careless with his brontosaurus brood - again - and there's an entire batch of the big beasties on an island.
Lumbering vegetarians that walked on all fours, the sauropods included the well-known Apatosaurus, popularly called Brontosaurus.
1970: More Move gigs, TV and radio shows to promote our new single Brontosaurus.
Shown photographs of dinosaurs, they said it looks like a brontosaurus.
Brontosaurus versus the butler is the most intriguing clash of the movie titans on Christmas Day telly.
A search through the storage areas of the university's Stovall Museum revealed some surprises, including the tiny arm bones of a brontosaurus hatchling.
THIS was my old band's third album and I remember how delighted, and somewhat surprised, we were when the ultra-heavy Brontosaurus, taken from this album, became a top ten hit in the spring of 1970
But first Fred has to earn extra cash for the holiday doing overtime at Bedrock stone quarry, where he is seen on his working brontosaurus.