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huge quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur common in North America in the late Jurassic

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SEARCH Forty "Training on larger craft took place on board HMS Brontosaurus at Castle Toward, near Dunoon, and HMS Armadillo, which practised amphibious landings at Loch Long."
In addition to a brontosaurus, Beisswenger's is also home to a raptor prowling among the birdbaths and prairie grass.
You might spot a baby brontosaurus or a T-Rex on Stockton High Street tomorrow
For example we learn the true name of the brontosaurus and the reason why scientists use this name.
brontosaurus, left on the island vainly waving its long, expressive neck,
"This new site records two different types of dinosaurs - long-necked cousins of Brontosaurus and sharp-toothed cousins of T.
The signature dishes include slow-cooked tender brisket, a Brontosaurus rib, gourmet sandwiches including a signature Chilli Honey Chicken Sandwich as well as a BBQ Chicken Sandwich.
| locations/swansea A VEGAN CHEESEBOARD FROM BRONTOSAURUS VEGAN LIFESTYLE STORE You don't have to go out to eat great vegan food in Swansea.
The museum made a cameo apearance in the very first episode, by way of a hooded sweatshirt featuring a Brontosaurus worn by one of the most popular characters.
The story follows a young Brontosaurus calf who becomes separated from his mother--a terrifying prospect, given how many ferocious predators roam the Jurassic era!
The brontosaurus skeleton named Einstein was offered to UAE buyers for a whopping Dh88 million.
EverythingTiny's crowdfunding campaign features two new dinosaur skeletons, Brontosaurus and Quetzalcoatlus, and also a mythical creature, the Fiji Mermaid.
We had the sausage, spare ribs, brontosaurus rib, chicken wings, and sidings of dirty rice, mashed sweet potatoes, pickled chili, pickled cucumbers, pickled red onions and coleslaw.