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Synonyms for brontosaur

huge quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur common in North America in the late Jurassic

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He is a brontosaur, nine bones and six hundred barrels of plaster of Paris.
For example, to demonstrate the size of dinosaurs, a string could be stretched across the playground to indicate the length of a brontosaur, or life-size tyrannosaur footprints could be outlined in masking tape on the floor.
Way out west, where fossils are found, brontosaur signs appear all 'round.
The children worked two weeks on their versions of five dinosaurs, including a brontosaur, a tyranosaur, triceratops, a dimorphoden and a stegosaurus.
They all switch roles (the mother becomes a brontosaur, for example).
People's popular ideas tend not to keep up with the science, so you'll find some people tend to draw T-Rexes at a 45-degree angle or they talk about Brontosaurs in a swamp and things like that.