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an unbroken or imperfectly broken mustang

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A three-year-old rides his sheep like a bronc buster, one hand clutched in wool, the other swinging for balance on the running sheep.
"They could ride wild broncs. They could ride bulls.
The Rustlers will provide a pre-rodeo show complete with bulls and broncs, as well as an appearance by Rodeo Queen Stephanie Roeter.
Bulls, broncs and buckaroos populate the La Plata County Fairgrounds every Friday in June and Fridays and Saturday nights in July.
Naturally, I bogged my head just like one of those rodeo broncs and avoided the caliber as much as I could without getting fired.
If another horse is loose on the Heath he stands straight up on his hind legs, and when he comes down he broncs and doesn't stop until all the fuss has died down, but then he'll walk off like a sheep.
The Broncs Zoo Kicker PickerThe Rocky Mountain NewsAnimated GameBy Drew Litton and Rich Moyer
Ginny Brothers lit up these diminished wartime shows, and took on new challenges, rope tricks, and a few broncs in addition to her standard feats.
Around the arena was a high fence strong enough to withstand direct hits by broncs. Behind the arena, corrals held the bucking and roping stock.
My own father, for four years starting when he was 18, rode bulls and saddle broncs on the rodeo circuit; he managed to make a living during lucky stretches, and sometimes he still wears the first-place silver belt buckle he won for saddle brone riding in 1953.
I strung them back together and rode for the trail head, but I could get those broncs to come no closer than 600 yards.
That means there is a reduced call for the tough, stubby little "Log Broncs" developed years ago to handle big timber on the water.
2nd Place, News--"Bustin' Broncs" by Bob McEowen, Missouri Association of Electric Co-ops.
And his job that weekend was to stay top-side of four high-stepping broncs going by the names Copenhagen Gravity, Shady Girls School, Casey, and Yahtzee.
But for now, everyone's waiting out the morning chill, as carnies check their rides, cowboys eye pens filled with bulls and broncs, and families wander about, talking quietly.