bronco buster

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a person who breaks horses

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This cover by Kurt Ard seems to beg the question: Who looks sillier, a little bronco buster in a five-gallon hat or a grown woman in a space helmet?
He made prints featuring a basketball player (Slam Dunk), a body builder, a bronco buster and a hot-dog vender.
Casey Bathelmess, 80 years old, once a bronco buster and a cowpoke, shifted on his crutches outside the depot.
George Washington over the office's fireplace, and "The Bronco Buster," the stirring Frederic Remington bronze sculpture.
In 1917, with many young men off at war, 19-year-old Martha is an itinerant bronco buster.
Then, children were shown pictures of Remington's bronze sculptures Bronco Buster (1895) and The Horse Thief (1907).
th] Annual Brush Creek Ranch Independence Day Rodeo with professional bull riders, bronco busters and team ropers;
But this story of pals riding in to Mexico to be bronco busters and one falling for the daughter of their wealthy boss, doesn't sit well in the saddle.