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either of the two main branches of the trachea

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Since the right main bronchus is wider, shorter, and closer to the trachea than the left counterpart, FBA most commonly occurs in the right bronchus.
Under the bronchoscope, there were some bleeding from the right lower lobe bronchus and two apophyses of about 3-5 mm in diameter were found at the entrance to the right lower lobe bronchus.
It also said that the most 'worrying cancer' was the lung, trachea and bronchus cancer with only 11 per cent relative survival rate.
The bronchi were divided into the primary, secondary and tertiary bronchus, and they formed an interconnected labyrinthine structure.
In order to maintain gas exchange through the lingula segments, we decided to leave the lingula bronchus open, because in our experience such a low flow usually stops spontaneously during the following days.
CT chest demonstrated a radiopaque foreign body in the right mainstem bronchus (Figure 2).
Mucus plug is an accumulation of desquamating mucus cells of bronchus and mucus that make an obstruction in the elderly and in all patients that have lost cough capacity.
Therefore, the patient underwent thoracotomy and surgical removal of a cystic mass which was found during surgery to be adjacent to the posterior trachea and left main bronchus. Pathological examination of the mass showed a cystic lesion lined by the ciliated columnar epithelium surrounded by a fibromuscular wall containing the cartilage and nests of bronchial submucosal glands, confirming the probable diagnosis of a bronchogenic cyst.
The patient underwent another bronchoscopy, which revealed a narrow LLL bronchus, with a fleshy endobronchial mass lesion (Figure 2).
All the material was then removed in order to place a Fogarty balloon into the segmental bronchus, which was inflated prophylactically after each cryobiopsy for controlling possible bleeding following TBLC.
The structures that make up the posterior respiratory system of boto and tucuxi were evaluated macroscopically at the UFAC's Laboratory of Animal Anatomy (Center for Biological and Nature Sciences) and the following biometric parameters were taken: length, width and thickness of the components of the trachea, tracheal bronchus, main bronchi and lungs.
82% of 2,620 estimated lung and bronchus cancer cases in Arkansas resulted in death.
Total of 8 (6.89%) cases of foreign body in bronchus were observed.
Imaging studies revealed a mass involving the right upper lobe bronchus. Surgical resection was done and pathological examination revealed an intermediate-grade MEC with tumor-free margins.
53% of the foreign bodies were in the right main bronchus, 36% in the left main bronchus and 11% in the trachea.