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either of the two main branches of the trachea

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The stenosis sites were divided into 5 locations: (I) trachea, (II) left main bronchus, (III) right main bronchus, (IV) right middle bronchus, and (V) lobe bronchus.
After the macroscopic analysis, fragments of the trachea, tracheal bronchus, main and secondary bronchi, and lungs were removed from the parietal and mediastinal surfaces in their cranial, middle and caudal regions.
15] In our study, in six out of the eight bronchial foreign body cases, foreign bodies were found in right main bronchus which is similar to the observations made by Eren et al [16] who reported 52% of airway foreign bodies in right main bronchus.
A nodular, homogeneous lesion within collapsed right upper lobe in right hilum was seen obliterating upper lobe bronchus and encroaching on bronchus intermedius [Figure 1].
Right main bronchus was the main site of impaction in 38.
An endoscopy was performed and a polypoid lesion was found within the left lower lobe bronchus.
After passing the endoscope into trachea apical bronchus and bifurcation of trachea i.
Keywords: Tracheal Bronchus, Lung Cancer, Large-Cell Carcinoma.
Caption: Figure 5: HRCT of the chest at level below carina shows dilated right and left main bronchi and undulating wall of left main bronchus, indicating bronchial diverticulosis.
She developed a posttransplant stenosis of the right bronchus intermedius, which required the insertion of a partially covered SEMS (diameter 8 mm, length 20 mm).
The biotechnology firm, which launches bioengineered organ implants for the esophagus, trachea and bronchus, would utilize the money to fund future research and development as well as commercialization activities, according to Jim McGorry, HART President and CEO.
Chest radiography showed a radiopaque foreign body extending from the carina to the right main bronchus (Figure 2), and thoracic surgery was indicated.
In the process of dissecting the cyst, loose adhesion of the cyst a way from the bronchus should be dealt with first, and the relatively tight adhesion of the lesion with the bronchus should be treated in the end.
The leading cause of cancer death in 2013 was tracheal, bronchus (the main passageway to the lungs) and lung cancer, which caused 1.
The right mainstem bronchus courses posteriorly and superiorly to the right pulmonary artery (epaterial), while the left mainstem bronchus courses laterally and inferiorly in relation to the left pulmonary artery (hyparterial).